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Bismilah, how to start being a professional writer, ya?

nullReading and Writing are supposed to be complement for each other. A good reader is supposed to be a good writer then. I am happy, I am good reader [at least based in my own mind :p ] . But, I am still unhappy to know that I am not a good writer , and a part away to be named a professional writer. Someday, in my future time Insya Allah.

One of my ambitions in this life is to be a professional writer. but, this ambition is yet to be realized until now. I do not know how to start it. Many things I think resist me to realize this ambitions. Many times, my desire come with willingness to write article in newspaper and to write book as well. But, as the time gone the desire is faded out away.

I think many negative thinking  insist in my mind that resist me to realize this ambition.  Sometime I feel I should to be a very expert first, getting a Ph. D degree first, even to be professor first, before being a professional writer. But, finally I realize what the fact reveal that not all professors are good writers and its vice versa not all professional or good writers are Master degree, Ph.D,  or Professor holder.  It means to be good and professional writer no need to wait till I get those degree.

So, what should to do right now?

I have read many books regarding writing tips and tricks, some of the books give detail tips and tricks but some of them give a simple tips. I more agree on the later book. I think the effective way to be writer is to be a good reader first. No one in this world can generate a new knowledge genuinely from his/her self.  Someone get the knowledge from others first, then conclude and improve those knowledge. One effective way to elicit knowledge is by reading. Not only reading book, newspaper, blog, or any information from  internet but also reading situation and condition of the environment surround us.  If you have been a good reader. It is not too difficult to be good writer. That’s what some tips and tricks said. The next step is Just write it up now. Never aware how is the quality of what you have written is. The final steps are revision, revision, revision,………………. till you feel happy with what you have written.

It sounds easy to be a writer. But, I am sure it is not so easy to do. As an academic staff, I am urged to write scientific books. Although, I feel more joyful to write a fiction book such as a Novel. In a Novel I am not only can express and write what in my brain is, but I also can express and write what in my soul, my heart are .  What I heard and I saw too in my own way, breaking any rules such as what in scientific book should obey.

So, the problem is how start it? or in other words, how to make it getting started.  Sometime, it is much more difficult to manage ourselves than manage others. To push ourselves is not an easy thing. I remember how I can write 6 papers during my Master studies. It is great for me, when my paper is accepted in some  international conferences or journals. How I can do it? The answer is,  it is just because I was pushed by my supervisor.

When there is no one push us? Who should we expect to push Us? Oh God, guide my hand and brain to write up.  Give me a great willingness and energize me to write book in order to give more contributions for others.  I manage to write scientific book for nurturing science and knowledge in Indonesia academic atmosphere. Amin…