Shopping at Car Boot, City Centre and Nottingham Carnival

Shopping? I do believe many people like doing this activity. To buy some luxury goods, or glamorous apparels is what many people desire to do as frequent as possible. The question is whether people do shopping really to fulfill what they need or merely to satisfy their consumerism desire. I bet the latter is true  for  almost all people especially for those with a bunch of money in their hand. The former might be true for the wise ones or those with limited budget in their life such as  what does matter on my self.

However, shopping for needs does not always mean spending a lot of money. In Nottingham, you can find a place where you can find almost everything what you need in your daily life with extremely low price. The place is what so-called Car Booth. In Nottingham, there are many of them, you can check their availability here.

Colwick Car Boot Sale

… and it is my story when I was spending my leisure  time at one of Car Boots in Nottingham, namely Colwick Car Boot.  It was my first time going to Car Boot. To reach the place, from the University of Nottingham,  you can ride any buses (Bus number 13, 14, 34, 36, etc.) heading to Victoria Centre, in the city center.  From victoria city centre, catch a bus number 44 and stop at Colwick. Yo do not need to worry if you do not know exactly where the place and where to stop. There will be a flock of people stop at the place and follow them. Since  the car boot sale is held on every Sunday, I highly recommend you to buy a group ticket (applicable for two adults and three children) just for £4. This ticket allow you to ride any Nottingham City Transport (NCT) buses along the day in Nottinghamshire. Check here for NCT buses.

I came along to the place with Park Irwan, Mbak Shanti, Mas Walid, Mas Udin, Mas Wisnu, Mbak Arif, and Aza. Yeah, they are all my Indonesian mate. I think, I was too intense making  friendship with my Indonesian mates during my first year life in the UK and I think It is not too good for my personal development. I should embrace other people from different cultural background. Understanding other people from different culture is always interesting.

Needless to say, let these pictures tell you what happened in Colwick Car Boot Sale  :D,

*) What a sunny Sunday, isn’t it?

**) A place where the seller sell their goods on their car.

***) used T-Shirt, 3 pieces only for £5

****) Extremely cheap used Books, only 20 p (1/5 GBP) each.

The majority of the goods are the used ones. But, you can find the new one with very low price as well. Such as these T-Shirts and Shocks

*****) This new special edition T-Shirt is only £1 for three pieces.

KAMERA_070913 1013

******) Official MU Shocks only for £1.5

*******) Top – Branded Shoes only for £5.

Not only apparel things, you can ind other goods, even everything you need in your daily life is available in this Car Boot. Such as this Bicycle.

********) A High quality Bicycle just for £50

From the car boot, that day we went to other shopping places in the city centre i.e. PC Curry, TMax, and Primark. Surprisingsly, I found summer festival in the City Centre.


**********) The Carnival


***********)  Some booths at Nottingham City Centre


************)  Artificial Beach at Nottingham City Centre

So, if you don’t know where to go in your leisure time on Sunday in Nottingham. The Car boot could be a wise choice to go to. Enjoy the place, the people, and the goods without any worries to spend too much money on your wallet.  Do not forget to bring your cash money instead of your credit/debit card. It is a little bit traditional -taste shopping place, where you can bargain the goods you want to buy. This traditional-taste life style could be a nice way to release your stress and your monotone Life. Good to see you there.

First Rainbow In Nottingham


It was Saturday (11/05/2013). Hey, finally I returned to my old habit spending my weekend in the lab. again. It had been three weeks, I spent my weekend (Saturday and Sunday)  for social life. I thought that was too much, but I really felt so boring with my PhD life and this Saturday, gratefully I found my old version of me.

I went to the lab quite early in the morning. I arrived at around 09.00 am. Because I must wash my dirty clothes that had been three week were left on the bucket. I was extremely lazy, even for my personal stuff.

It was the first of month Rajab, two months before Ramadlan. I, Arif, and Mas Walid encouraged each other to fast for at most 27 days. So, this Saturday, we were fasting.

In the lab, I was working on my first year review report . It was slowly incrementally writing work. I was working on my questionnaire stuff as well. Indeed, it was also a tedious and not trivial works. So, what were not easy and not boring for me in this world? I did not know.

I reminded myself that it was not all about like or dislike, easy or not  easy, but it was a commitment matter. When, the dream had been set up. When, the goal had been determined. I had no choice but to succeed. Raise your hand and pray to Allah to make it happened.

It was so gloomy Saturday. The sun was disappear behind the dark cloud in the Sky. It was raining quite heavily. At the end of dusk, while I was walking to amenities building for making Ashar and Maghrib prayer, I saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky. It was the first time I saw a rainbow in Nottingham and I thought it had been too long ago I did not see it in my life.

Rainbow reminded me about a pure happiness is only after a painful. Because,  there will never be a rainbow without rain in advance. No Pain No Gain. I must strongly believe that there will always be a pure happiness at the end of painful journey.

Thank you ya Allah, for this beautiful Saturday. I love you as Always!