Working on ISICO 2013 paper


It was Sunday (05/05/2013). Nice and very sunny morning.

After Subuh prayer jamaah at Portland Building, University Park, I continued my extended abstract writing with Arif. Apparently, the most difficult part is the mathematical model part. It was very easy to explain the problems in daily conversation words. However, it was very not trivial thing to formulate the problems in mathematical model, indeed. Even, for Arif who are majoring in Mathematics, it was not trivial thing.

In the middle of  working on the paper, we cooked together again. In this time, we cooked ” Telur Balado” (Balado Eggs), and roasted chicken wings . Unbelievable, they were almost perfect. Even though,  I am not good in cooking, even I do not like cooking at all.


We posted the pictures of our food on Facebook group chat room and successfully grabbed many attention from our friends. Really, the pictures were much more beautiful than the real ones. However, to be honest, it really tasted extremely good.


It might be because the camera effect that make the pictures so beautiful and convincing.

Apparently, there is a common silver bullet between writing and cooking. Both are not easy things, not something that can be mastered directly after reading a guideline book. Both require a long time practical experience. So, the only best way to be mastering in cooking and writing is by carrying out cooking and writing iteratively till you find the rule of thumbs by your self.

Although it was only a sudden idea to collaborate in writing the paper in only a day before the submission deadline. Finally, we successfully finished the paper writing at night.  We submitted the paper to the easy-chair soon afterwards. We do hope that it will be accepted and encourage us to write further in the near future. At least, this writing project had trained us to squeeze our mind to solve real-world daily problems with our expertise area. Indeed, as what Enstein had told, education is not simply learning the fact, but real education is the training of mind to think.

After that, we had never ending casual chat about everything at the rest of the day. We always have something to discuss that make us forgetful with the time that went so swiftly and make me stay overnight again at Arif house. Sometime, I think it was too much . But it happened out of my control indeed. Hopefully, it will always become positive things.

Thank you ya Allah for today, my great pleasure and thankfulness over each single of your blessing.