Teaching with Emotional Intelligence

It was Thursday (23/05/2013). It was rainy day in the Spring session. What becoming special for the day other than the ordinary days was that at the day, I attended teaching with emotional intelligence workshop. Attending workshop was always exciting me. It was a great opportunity to embrace new friends, to grab new knowledge, and to broaden my horizon of knowledge.

The workshop was very interesting. It was greatly delivered by a prominent expert in the area, Alan mortiboys. He had worked on the area of educational staff development for decades in many universities around the UK.

In the essence, the workshop made me rethinking again what does really matter in a teaching? What is the effective Teaching? Is it simply a process of transferring knowledge from lecturer to the students?

The workshop highlighted that to have high level  subject expertise does not guarantee to be a good Teacher. Some people said that the only needed to be a good lecturer in University is to be expert in particular area. It could be probably true yet not absolutely true.  Claxton in 1999, said that:

…. learning itself is an intrinsically emotional business.

To be more precise, in an effective teaching, a Teacher should take into account three important aspects seriously. They are the subject expertise, learning and teaching approaches, and the emotional intelligence.

The focus of the workshop was how to bring the emotional intelligence in Teaching. The rule of thumbs in incorporating emotional intelligence in teaching was by paying attention to the Feeling of the students. It was very likely, in the class student was feeling intimidating, stressful, anxiety, scary, and other negative feeling. It should be avoided. It could be the big barrier in effective teaching. In contrary, in an effective class students should be feeling happy, excited, curious, confident, safe, challenged, encouraged, enthusiastic, motivated, inspired, and other positive feelings. It was the teacher role to make students feel good in the class. For an example, a teacher should generously smiles to the students instead of threatening the students with a bunch of bombarding assignments.

It was very worth keeping in mind, indeed.

At the rest of the day, I was in the lab for doing my PhD stuff. Thank you very much for the day ya Allah. I love you as always.