finally, the day of real summer came true


Finally, the real summer where the sun shined a long the day came true.

It was Friday (05/07/2013). It was very bright day. It really reflected a day in summer session. The sun shined so brightly in the morning as if it woke me up to lead the day bravely and optimistically. Oh Sun, finally you made the real summer.

As usual, I went to the campus on foot alone. a lonely walk in every single morning. Honestly, I hate loneliness. I enjoy making friends and getting together with them. I really enjoy discussing with others. Unfortunately, as matter of fact Life is not always what we expect to be. No one, has exactly the same activities and willingness as ours. Thus, to be alone is inevitable.

However, loneliness is not always painful. Sometime, it is an advantage. In loneliness, we can see the world in different insight. A day before, I met a paralyzed girl in her wheel chair alone in the very quite university park. Her face shown that she was feeling sad and unhappy. Actually, she was not alone but with her book. Suddenly, I felt empathy with her. I was lonely but I thought it was not too bad like hers. I can not imagine how if I were in her position. Living in wheel chair with very limited mobility. Without a friend to share with. The girl really inspired me to be more grateful with what I had.

I had nothing special to confess. I spent my morning time in the lab, in the Jubilee campus. Whilst, I spent the rest of the day in George Green Library. I met Arif in the computer room. He looked stressful and under pressure.  He felt running out of time to complete his master (M.Sc. in mathematical science) dissertation which was only two months left and there were many things to do. He looked very home sick since he revised his plan to go home to September from December. Good Luck Arif !

In George green library, I was learning the preparatory material for the next week summer school in Lough borough University. It was  forecasting  methods and application.

I was in the library with a Brunai Darussalam guy. He said he felt very disappointed with his examinations result. He was working on revising his course work to get his mark elevated.

By the way, finally I found AULA Magazine,a magazine published by  Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) , in which my article was published.


The article was actually taken from this blog. Hopefully, the article will inspire many people to pursue their dream to study abroad, Ammiin.


Oh God, forgive me I felt so lonely. I was so empty and  fragile, that I hated it.  I need somebody to  love and to be loved. I always imagine there is someone by my side along the times. Oh God, please kindly entertain me!  as I love you perpetually.

a simple happiness in the long day of summer



It was Tuesday (07/05/2013). It was just another summer day, a very-very long time. It was my first time living in Summer. A season when we had very long day and very short night. Really, I could not enjoy summer. The very long day made me so painful and made me being trapped in the very bad mood. Perhaps, it was only all about the time did matter.  I just need enough time to get used to.

Four seasons ( Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer) in the UK have taught me that live is ever changing. I must change dynamically to survive, otherwise I will be crushed by the change. So, I must make change in each single of the time.

Just like another ordinary day in my PhD life,  It was nothing but dealing with my PC, books, papers, and a never-ending challenging puzzle named research problem.

The only time I love much during summer is Maghrib prayer Time. I went to Amenities building, Jubilee Campus, University of Nottingham, where the mosque located,  at around 8.15 pm. I made Ashar   prayer  and waited for Maghrib prayer time at around 08.45 PM. Before the Magrib prayer, I met some brothers in the mosque. One of my friends from Saudi Arabia served us dates and coffee while having encouraging chats among us. There will be always happiness when we care to each other sincerely.



I always wait for Maghrib prayer. The time, in which I can hear the golden voice of one of my brothers from Tanzania, abu bakar. Amazingly he has extremely beautiful voice that make me melting down in the shake of God.



Thank you Allah for the day.