Sincerity: Can We?

“Giving something without hoping anything”.

Hem…this words  sound nice, but I think it is not easy thing to do. Moreover, in this nowadays materialistic life style. When everything is measured by money. Even, your value is measured by how much money in your hand? Barely, there is something more valuable than money.

Most people including me do something for someone else for hoping get something back from him/her, and unfortunately not everyone get something back for whom they have done. You give a stick to blind man, but He use the stick to cane you. I am very sure, it will make you sad and angry. See on other case, our parent, our mother especially, taking care of us starting from beginning of our life until now. But, what have we done for our parent? However, our mother never hope anything but the goodness of us. That’s perhaps what a sincerity means.

In each single of our time, we will never find a true happiness till there is a sincerity in the bottom of our heart. The more hopes, the more disaffection. If we hope more to our Boss, then we will have more chances to be disappointed by our Boss :D.  The ultimate hope is only Allah. We will never disappoint when we set our destination up only to Allah. Do not be sad, when our kindness, our contributions, our merits are ignored, are forgotten by the others.  Even, appreciations, honors please do not be our goal to do something. Do not be sad, when our hard work, our immolation of times, money, and efforts do not give us a result that make us happy. Trust to Allah. He never sleeps. He will never forget you and He will pay you !

When we have sincerity in the bottom of our heart, the less disapointment at hand, the more happiness at hand. Let’s make a sincerity the spirit of our Life. Let Allah be our final and ultimate  destination.