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U signed U will be paid

duit1There is something different when i joined governmental institution in Indonesia like this Institute Technology of Sepuluh Nopember (ITS).  You know what: I have to give my signature many times in each single week. Just feel like ‘artist’ anyway, but sometime feel very reluctant to do it. Imagine: in each single week I have to give my signature at least 20 times. In the end of each activity like meeting, teaching, or just taking sport or food, I have to give my signature three times (not enough one time, supposed to be there are two another copies) as well.  My another staff friend told me that you will not be paid, if you did not sign it. Wew… What the fuck bureaucracy or “bureaucrazy” , isn’t it?

I knew in this campus have been implemented a finger print machine, to record the employees attendance. But,  I do not know why:  It seems to be no effect for business process effectiveness and efficiency in this institution. Because ITS is a reputable technology campus in this country, I feel ashamed for our stupidity to overcome this reluctant problem. I am imagining to implement just a simple technology like digital signature and integrated database management system to come up with this inefficiency and ineffectiveness problem. But, is it merely technology problem? I think No, it is closely related with culture and human . We have to approach the culture and human in this institution to change, change to leave signature based management. Is it realistic? Let us try and start Now ! Sometime we have luxurious technology, but we do not know how to empower it. Sometime we use a bomb just to kill an ant.

Cak Shon [@ ITS 020309 10.40 PM]

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