Sampang: the new Journey destination of my teaching activities

Sampang? hu hu … I have ever heard the name but I have never come in. It is a city in the middle of  Madura Island. Madura Island  is a famous island in East Java, Indonesia. Madurese is one of well-known  ethnics in Indonesia for their dauntless character. This ethnic spread out at almost all around Indonesia. Madurese has their own unique local language with distinctive slang.

Starting from this week on, in each single of my Sunday I have to come to this city. It is about 3-4 hours from Surabaya where I am living now.  Surabaya and Madura Island is apart by Madura Island. Absolutely, it will be joyful experience, seeing sea in each single week.  At this city,  I will be dealing with elementary school teachers all around Sampang. I will be tutor for subject Computer and Learning Media. This tutorial is organized by Open University Indonesia, a public distant university in Indonesia.

Definitely, I  do so is not for money-oriented. To tell you the truth my salary is just paid of for transportation and accommodation only.But, it was calling from the bottom of my heart. Eventually, a happiness is not only all about when you have much money, but when you have something that you can share to others. In Indonesia there is wide development lack between cities and rural. I am very sure, right now, most of elementary school teaches do not know what a computer is, or just know the name but have no experience in using computer. That’s why, I have to introduce computer to them.

Actually, a little bit in my heart, I am afraid to be dealing with Madurese, since we have different culture and characters. But, I do hope everything will be Just fine.  With this sincerity, hopefully, everything is all right . See you Sampang !!