New Academic Year : Autumn Semester 2013/2014

It was Monday (30 Sept 2013).  Oh dear, apparently it was the beginning  of new academic year 2013/14. Yeah, the autumn semester just started and endorsed me officially entering my second year in this University. I have been here for a year. I love autumn very much. It is the most romantic season ever during the year. The time when the tree leaves getting yellow and red. The time when I can feel the leaves are falling down over my head while I am smiling to the world.

The sky was so cloudy in the morning, but getting more shiny in the afternoon. This day, I went to the lab as usual. The boring activity, yet I have strongly committed to it.  The lab was full with PhD students among of them were new PhD students. I saw them working very hard and seriously. It really forced me to work harder than was before. For the day, I read paper and code related with the concept of Hyper-heuristics.  Gradually, I little bit more and more understood the beautiful idea behind the hyper-heuristics. Sometime, I must realize that the only thing to do to succeed is keeping carry on.

In the afternoon,  I attended two programming lectures, namely Introduction to Programming and Algorithmic Problem Solving. They were two basic modules prepared for first -semester-student, at under graduate level. It could be embarrassing for a PhD student to attend first-semester undergraduate student module. For me, it really does not matter. I believe that it is never late for those willing to learn.  I am not very good in programming, so I should do so. In another side, I could learn how lecturers in this university teach their students in Programming. It could be very beneficial for me, as a lecturer, later on in the future. When, I come back to my base University.

I did enjoy both lecturers. They were very masculine classes where there were only three girls out of 300 students attending the class. I think, it is true everywhere that Women do not like Programming. I love very much the way the lecturers delivered their lecture materials. It was fun, encouraging and entertaining class indeed. And what I love most of is the lecture duration was only 50 minutes. Yeah, in this university there is no lecture more than 50 minutes.

In the evening, after I made Maghrib prayer at home, I went to George Green Library in the University Park Campus. Since it was the last day of my first year tenure, I must return all the books I borrowed from the Library. There were more than 20 bulky books and theses must be returned by today. I need one traveling bag  and a hand bag to pack the books. Luckily, a friend of mine, mas yod, kindly helped me picking up the books to the library.

I was so sad to know that even there is no a book that I have read thoroughly 😦  Although,  It has been one year in my room at home.

But, Whatever happens, welcome my romantic Autumn! Welcome my second year PhD life ! I wish more and more good luck.