simply an ordinary day with a little bit change in the summer

It was Tuesday(02/07.2013). It was cloudy and little shower day in the summer. I had thought that during summer session, the sun will shine all the day in the UK. The fact was totally wrong. Probably, only once a week we had a real summer day.

It was simply an ordinary day. I went to the lab in the morning and went home at night. However, since the vacation days, in this summer I break. I have made change my PhD life pattern. Previously, I stayed all the day in Jubilee campus. During this vacation period, I moved to University Park after 06.00 PM and stayed in Geroge Green library afterward. The reason was I had no friend during Ashar and Maghrib prayer in Jubilee campus prayer room. Luckily, we had some in the University Park Campus. I wanted to keep “istikomah” to be constant in making Jamaah Prayer for five times.


Nothing to confess for today except that I had been working with Hyflex and  reading paper discussing on hyper-heuristic implementation to examination timetabling problem.  By the way, I got a “Muffin” cake from my Saudi Arabian female friend. Thanks Han**n for the cake.

I felt less-productive and need to work and study harder and harder. To be honest, I felt embarrassing with my office mate, a Chinese girl who are very-very hardworking such as typical Chinese student. I had only two years left, I should run faster to gain my passion. Thanks ya Allah, help me to reach it. I felt lonely as usual, but gradually I found the beauty of being lonely. It is not always painful, apparently. It is a perfect time to do something that needs nothing but myself and its self.