Thank you Allah: for my wife

my wife

Her sweet smile. Her soft words, and her everything on how she behaves, make me believe that She is the most beautiful gift I have ever in my life.

I marry her On Tuesday, May 17 2010. It is not just in  time decision, but after very long wondering. wondering whether she is the right one for my wife. Many times, I doubt about her. Many times, I afraid I will make a big mistake in my life.

Now, she is my wife. She is in my side. I feel I am the most lucky guy in this world to get her. Her everything makes me happy in her side. The only word, I can say is:  She is the most beautiful gift I have ever in my life. I know, she is not an angel. She is not the perfect one. But, from her eyes, from how they behave, she can not lie that She loves me perfectly.

Oh, thank you Allah for my wife. Thank you for making my days very happy with her in my side. Keep it until the end of my days. In each single time, I always pray : Oh, God keep on making my wife and my daughters and sons later, to be my everlasting sweetheart, and make us, the leaders of muttaqin (those who fully worship to you). Make us keep on hold tight when life ups and downs, when there is cry and lough. Guide me to be good husband and honey for my wife.

Thank you my wife! Thank you Allah for my wife. I Love you!