O my Lovely Son, how I miss you so badly :(

Oh Dear,
I just want you to know How I miss you very badly.
May Allah give you full of blessing in every single of your day.
Grow and Grow ! Shine the world, Change the World
for a better life.
Chase your dream darling.

Eventhough, I am not in your side. Believe me, my spirit is around you every day
and night.
In each single day, and single month in autumn, winter, spring and summer
I just count down, what day I will see and hug you tightly,
and whisper gently to your ear : ” I do love you “.

Pray for your Dad, and Mom.
Be a nice star and hero for us.
We’ll get together in the very nearest of future until the end of day even later.
It is just only a pending happiness for much greater happiness later.
It is not painful torture.

May Allah always hugs us in His blessing, caring, and loving hands.

your Dad,