and it is about the future.


Perhaps, the most difficult thing in this life is predicting the future. We will never know exactly what happen in the future. The world tends to be more uncertain, volatile, and turbulence. Ones assert that although it was not always true, future can be predicted from the past. A student who are very diligent, could more probably successful in the future than the lazy one.   But, it is not always true, the fact could be its opposite. In the other hand, however, others argue that future is not to be predicted but to be created.

So, what kind of life do you want to create in your future?

When I was child, I was not so ambitious one that really impassioned  to be what I really wanted to be in the future. I was living in very simple and ordinary life. For me, Life was just life. I let life as it was. Life was when I open eyes from my tight sleep and I could still see the world. My life was not so beautiful. There were many things that I really wanted to, but I did never get it.  A Mountain Bike, sport shoes, books, vacation were some of  the things that I really wanted to but never get it. My parents always told me that Life in this world was so temporarily.  So, no need too worry if it was not like what you expected to be. The real life was life after life i.e. hereafter. This life was simply a temporary shelter that will be left soon to the final destination . As a Muslim,  my parents always taught me that life was fully surrendering ourselves to Allah, one and the only God. Life was simply a field to grow crops of virtue that we will harvest in the future life, the hereafter.

That so simple stand point of life really defined who I was. What happened to me, was really in the shake of God hands.

However, if I were allowed to choose what I really wanted to be in the near future, I would choose to be a Professor and a Novel author. Being a professor, I thought was one of many ways to contribute for making  the world a better place to live in. No matter, how small my contribution would  be. Being a professor was a teaser for my brain to solve many problems in this world that were getting more and more complicated. In the other hand, being a Novel author was a teaser of my heart to record  what I have seen and what I felt in this complicated world. I realized that there were so many memories that were very nice to remember, very worthy to learn from, and many people might want to know. It was very true that we would live in the future, but we could not fully be detached from the past. We should not do the same mistakes and reinvent the wheel if we could learn from the past.

Being a Professor in computer Science and a fiction novel author seems to be two conflicting profession isn’t it? The former one really expect me to work with my brain while the latter really expect me to work with my heart. Another wondering  thing is could I to be fully successful in both while I am not focusing to particular specific thing? But, I really enjoy working with scientific thing  and in the same time I really love with fiction writing. Some of my friends told me that I was melancholic. So, if I choose to be scientist I would probably melancholic scientist . It sounds so weird, isn’t it.

Till finally today I got something that really convinced me that I will in the near future. One of my adorable friends who were studying in Oxford University said on her Facebook time line that  her Professor was so extremely adorable. She was a mother of two girls, a prominent professor in her area i.e. zoology, and she was also a best-selling Novel author. Surprisingly, she was also a wife of another professor in Oxford University and they lived together without any domestic assistant in their home. What an Incredible achievement, indeed. How she could manage her time effectively was so great.

So, to remind my self, in the near future I really want to be:

  1. A good son for my parents and parents in law.
  2. A good Father.
  3. A good Husband.
  4. A good Professor.
  5. A good Novel / Books Author.

Insya Allah. If Allah is willing to, I will really make it in the very near future.


It was Wednesday (15/05/13). I finally finished the first draft of my First Year Review report and The third revision of my questionnaire design. I submitted to my supervisors and waited for their feedback. Hopefully, it was not too bad and could make them happy with my work.  In the evening, I attended academic writing class: Synthesizing sources. Yes, I was still not too confident with my English especially the academic writing. But, I was so sleepy attending this class. It was so boring one- and-a -half hour class.  The only worth attending this class was that I met new friend, a beautiful girl from Turkey. She was studying Master in Marketing at University of Nottingham Business School. I was always happy to make a new friend.

Thank you very much for today ya Allah. I love you as always!

Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri and “Ketupat “

On Sunday, September 20th 2009. All muslims all around the world celebrate the “Idul Fitri”  day ( year 1430 Hijri). It is very happy day for all muslim all around the world after fully one month fasting. In the early morning on that day , all muslims comin to mosque for praying, worshiping the Allah almighty. ” Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar , walillahilhamdu ”  Allah, the only God almighty; Allah, the only God almighty, and every approbation only for Him.

After praying for “sholat hari raya” , there is different way in different place on How muslims celebrate this great day.  In Indonesia, the largest muslim country in the world, this Idul Fitri day is the most celebrated day. Indonesians  enjoy their holidays for one week to celebrate this Idul Fitri. It is one week national holidays in Indonesia. I bet, it is comparebale with new year celebration in China.

During this Idul Fitri days, all muslims in Indonesia looking for forgiveness to one another. They visiting their families, their relatives, their friends to express their humblest apologize. People in urban coming back to their rural where they come from.  On those days, there will be crowded in rurals, and there will be quiet in urbans. This coming home town tradition popularly called as “Mudik”. There will be terrible congestion from cities to villages on those days.

In celebrating Idul fitri days, there is special food cooked only in Idul Fitri days. That special food is what called “ketupat”.  Actually, it is only another rice cooked in coconut leafs package. There is special taste in this kind of rice compared with ordinary cooked rice. Usully it is eaten together with “Opor Ayam”. Chicken cooked in coconut milk. You want to taste it? Just come in my beutiful Indonesia. I am very sure you will be joyful on those days!