The Humble, Simplicity, loyalty from Mbah Maridjan (In Momoriam)

There is a very popular name behind Merapi Mount Eruption Since 2006. He was Mbah Maridjan, who dedicated all his life for keeping Merapi Mount until the end of his life. Now, he passed a way as a victim of Merapi Mount Eruption 26 Oct 2010. A honorable Death I think. He died in his loyalty keeping his duty. ” Selamat Jalan Mbah Maridjan ! ” God Bless You.

The things reminds me of Mbah Maridjan is his so humble, nice , smiling man. He was absolutely not Arrogant, even after he become an entertainer (i.e advertising model). His simplicity on how he view this Life, and the greatest one is His Loyalty and Religiosity.

May God Always Blesses you Mbah Maridjan!

All People around The World Pray For Indonesia

Now, my motherland is crying again. October 26 2010 noted: some huge disaster happened in Indonesia-my beloved motherland again: Tsunami at Mentawai Islands West Sumatra, Mount Merapi eruption at Yogyakarta-Middle Java, Wasior Flash Flood that killed hundreds of people. Why Indonesia? Why disaster? Is it reminder from God that we mean nothing? Is it reprimand for our arrogance  so far? We should back to God, introspect ourselves! Whatever disaster happen there must be some reasons. Then, please pray for Indonesia.

Indonesia Oh Indonesia. Here, and only here many sad stories, bad news frequently happens. Why Indonesia? Why in this World’s largest Muslim Country? are there somethings wrong happen? Ask to our own heart! Cause in the bottom of our heart may we will find the answer. Personally, it reminds me to remember that it is wrong time to be arrogant, egoist , consumptive. It reminds me that there are so many our country brothers and sisters  are less lucky and we need to care each other.

Stop crying Indonesia ! Keep Fight For Better Life ! Whatever happen, We still love you!