the loved ones, because whom the life become more cheerful

Someone says that Life is like a roller coaster, sometime we feel getting UP and sometime we feel getting DOWN. Happiness and sadness interchangeably greets us as a temptation.When we are happy, everything looks just very easy. When we are sad  everything looks nothing but troublesome. However, there is always a reason to cheer up and to be stronger, even when we are in the bottom of extremely bad position. For me, the reason is my family.


There is a time in a day, I always  wait  for, it is a time being together with you.


There is a day in a week, I always want to,  it is a day spending  together with you.


There is some one to whom I always look for, it is you.


There is a gift, because what I always feel happy, it is you.


There is a story that I always want to tell you, it is story about you.



There is a place where I always feel home,  it is a place where you are



It is you that make me feel blessed all the day. Thanks God, for this full of blessing life. Thanks my loved ones, for being with me.

*) Location : George Green Wind Mill and Science Centre, University of Nottingham, Jubilee Campus.

that starts from here

…. there were times and moments in life, from which later on,  it extremely turnt your life, it redefined your Life a value,

When I graduated from my first-degree University, one of careers that I have not ever imagined to be is being a Teacher. In my mind that time is, that job was a very ridiculously low-income  second-class Job and exactly not a prestigious Job. And, I have never thought that I had a capacity to be a teacher since I did realized and defined my self as a bad public speaker, a bad motivator, and definitely I was not a good role-model. Attributes that should be posed by a good teacher.

Thus, it is just like what the majority of top class university’s  graduates dreamt of, I choosed to start my career as an Engineer in one of multi-national companies and lived in the capital city, the Jakarta, a symbol of highest-standard life in Indonesia. Until finally I arrived at a moment, I felt stuck with my Life, I felt stuck with very superficial and hypocrite of Jakarta life style. And I decided to resign from my Job and accept an offer to study for a Master degree abroad.

Accidentaly, my supervisor asked me to dealing with what I was afraid much of i.e. her students, as a Teaching Assistant. It is too difficult to define and imagine how nervous and very unconfident I was at that time. I just wanted to die at that time. But, accidentally too, I found a feeling that I have never found before. a feeling that I had looked for, for a very long time so far. a feeling that could elaborate what the ultimate of happiness was. Lately, I knew that feeling was called a passion.

Now, I am a teacher in a University and thanks God, I am very very happy with my Job. dealing with students is the ultimate happiness of me. My students are fountains of vigor that make my Life more live. When I dealt with them, actually I have never tought them but I have learnt many things from them. Thanks you very much my students.

to my students, I miss you guys badly.

the inspiring professor: I wanna be

Believe it or not, in live we need someone we wanna to be, someone we admire him/her, someone who continuously  inspiring and encouraging us a long life.

As new lecturer, sometime I do need a model.  I mean ideal model, like whom i supposed to be. Unfortunately, since my department is one of the newest departments in my University I do not find it. So, sometime I feel my career in this department is directionless. I know there are other lecturers in this department.However, I do not find one of them is the “real” lecturer. I knew them, just do it as a profession and for making money. I do hope, I was wrong. What I mean “real” lecturer here is the one who fully dedicates his/her life for educating student, nurturing  science and technology, and finally giving something beneficial for public.

Till, one day I met a Professor in my University. He is still young professor. But, I find him as perfect model for what I call “real” lecturer. He inspired me to keep on learning,researching,and writing. Thank a lot for him.

Togetherness: Another Joyful Side of Life

One of a happiness flake in Life is when we get together with friend. Really, each  friend portray a different color in our Life. Friend is Friend! Frined will be always Friend Miss you Guys !

Some sessions of life that is nice to remember :

At “Surabaya” Republic of Indonesia Ship with Ms Erma, Ms Amalia, and Mrs Feby dealing with Indonesian Navy Planning to held National Seminar on Information System While Joy Sailing ( Unfortunately, FIALED :D)

At the Village called “Semen”, Kediri East Java in conjunction with even: Family Gathering with all Information System Department staff and family.

Alumni Reunion with my Senior High School Friends, held at SMK Telkom Darul Ulum, Pondok Pesantren Darul Ulum Jombang, East Java. Some of my friend have had childrens. However, some of them are stiil enjoying his/her single.

The All arevery nice to memory! I will be miss you Guys!

My Deepest Condolence of H. Iskandar’s Passing

“Innalillahi wainna ilaihi rojiun”. Everything comes from Allah and will back to Allah. Each single thing that is alive will die.

There is happiness and Sadness in Life. There is lough and Tears in Life. There is birth and  death in Life. That’s Life. That’s the secret of Life. Everything happens mysteriously. Even, we do not know what will be happened by tomorrow, we do not know whether we will be happy or sad. Life is really unpredictable and uncontrollable. Because we are controlled by the highest -level controller, that is Allah.

Today, May 12 2010, in the end of the day.  When the twilight fades and night is emerging. I am truly saddened by H Iskandar Death. I still heard his voices yesterday, but today He passed way forever. H Iskandar is My Rented-House Father. Where for more than 6 months I lived in. He was more than my Rented-House Father, but also teacher for me. I used to be taught by him, “Lecturing Kitab Kuning” in each time after Maghrib Prayer. He lectured me about Hadith and Fiqih ( Law in Islam). This “Kitab Kuning” lecture will be getting more intensive in Ramadlan Month. I really can not forget this fruitful memories with Him, it will always remain deep within my heart.

I can not say anything, but express my deepest condolence for his passing away and My sincere thoughts and prayers are with you H Iskandar.  I realy feel evanescence of you. Bon Voyage ! Allah blesses you in your second Life! May Allah forgives all your mistakes and May Allah give your  eternal rest and may your soul rest in peace.Amminn.

With deepest sympathy,

Cak Shon