Keluarga Baru di Negeri Perantauan

… Tinggalkan negerimu dan merantaulah ke negeri orang. Merantaulah, kau akan dapatkan pengganti dari kerabat dan kawan. Berlelah-lelahlah, manisnya hidup terasa setelah lelah berjuang. –Imam Syafii

Selamat Ulang Tahun Ilyas With Dad and Mom

Kawan, salah satu hal yang memberatkan kita ketika kita memutuskan merantau untuk belajar ke luar negeri adalah meninggalkan keluarga, kerabat,dan sahabat-sahabat dekat kita di tanah air. Berat memang jauh dari orang-orang yang biasanya dekat dan mendukung kita. Secanggih apapun teknologi telematika saat ini, tidak dan tidak akan pernah mampu menggantikan kehadiran orang-orang tersebut. Gaya hidup orang di luar negeri yang cenderung lebih individualis, sering kali membuat kita tak mampu membendung rasa home sick selama kita belajar berada di negeri perantauan.

Tetapi, benar sekali syair nasihat Imam Syafii diatas, bahwa kita akan mendapat pengganti kerabat dan kawan. Begitu benar apa yang kami rasakan ketika di negeri rantau ini. Di Nottingham ini, meski awalnya kami belum kenal siapa-siapa, tapi alhamdulilah, tak perlu waktu lama, kami menemukan para pengganti kerabat dan sahabat itu. Kami benar-benar merasakan kehadiran keluarga baru itu disini.


HBD Ilyas Dengan Tante Wahyu,Tante Yuli, Pak De Peni, Mbak Yumna dan Mbak Izza. Terima Kasih Surprise nya 🙂

Saking besarnya rasa kekeluargaan itu, bulan ini saja ulang tahun anak lanang ku, sampai ‘dirayakan’ 3 kali. Pertama, dengan Ayah dan Bunda nya sendiri. Satu hari berikutnya, datang kejutan dari Tante Wahyu, Tante Yuli, Pak De Peni,Mbak Yumna,dan Mbak Izza. Bawa kejutan kue ulang tahun dan hadiah. Bertumpah ruahlah kebahagiaan anak lanang ku itu.


HBD Ilyas. Kejutaan dari Tante Retty, Raras, Puput, Shanti dan Om Suhendri, Ridwan, Ifan

Beberapa hari kemudian, datang lagi kejutan dari Tante-tante dan Om-Om yang lain. Kali ini giliran kejutan dari Tante Retty, Raras, Puput, Shanti dan Om Suhendri, Ridwan, Ifan. Kasih kejutan dengan kue ulang tahun, coklat, dan hadiah. Berlipat-lipat lagi tumpah ruah kebahagiaan anak lanang ku itu. Beruntung sekali memiliki orang-orang yang baru kita kenal, tetapi sudah terasa seperti saudara sendiri. Merekalah tempat kita berbagi rasa, pendukung tulus kita di tanah perantauan.


Hadiah Dari Tante2 nya Ilyas di Nottingham

Saya percaya bahwa orang-orang Indonesia yang di luar negeri adalah orang-orang Indonesia yang terbaik dari segi intelektual maupun kepribadian. Asal kita tidak menutup diri dari pergaulan, insha Allah sampean tidak akan merasa kesepian. Kebersamaan dan keakraban itu insha Allah tak akan tergantikan. Buat teman-teman yang masih merasa berat meninggalkan kerabat dan sahabat, percayalah kalian akan mendapatkan penggantinya disini.


Terima kasih untuk semua Doa-Doa untuk Ilyas

Spesial untuk kali ini, sincerely saya sekeluarga mengucapkan matur nuwun sanget pada Tante Wahyu,Tante Yuli, Pak De Peni, Mbak Yumna dan Mbak Izza, Tante Retty, Raras, Puput, Shanti dan Om Suhendri, Ridwan, Ifan atas kejutan dan doa-doanya. Jazakallah Khoiral Jaza’. Thanks juga buat Tante Ocha, buat kado nya. Gusti Allah sing mbales, semoga rasa kekeluargaan ini tetap ada sampai nanti kita kmbali lagi ke tanah air.

The First Page of A New Chapter from Our Loving History Book

“… even, you do not know (exactly) what will happen tomorrow.” – a random verse of Qur’an.


What does really define our Life? This question must have different answer from differing people. Even, for my self, it is changing over the times. What I understood about life  several years ago could be exactly different with what I am understanding now. Lately, my family really defines what my life is all about. For me, my family is a place where I always want to go home to wherever I am. A place where I always feel comfort, even in troublesome occasion.

Time is ticking. After more than a year being apart from my family, thankfully, right now, we can see the same sun in the same place together again. And it is the new chapter of our loving history book, living in Nottingham, United of Kingdom. Hopefully,  everything does not change but being better afterwards. Because, I do believe that nothing never happens without a reason. Though, frequently we do not know the reason until a long time later on.

Solo, Adi Soemarmo International Airport, 12 January 2014

It is always not easy thing, even the hardest thing in life, to say Good Bye to the loved ones. A bunch of thanks for everything you do my beloved parents, sister and brothers, nieces for consistent supporting us which no one will do but you. I will be always missing you everyday and hope to see you soon in the future.


Jakarta, Soekarno Hatta International Airport, 13 January 2014 (00:25 pm)

It was really very  early in the morning. The stewardess told us to fasten the seat belt, and the plane will fly to Qatar. But, I don’t know why, my heart just do not want to let me go. How difficult living in this homeland country never make me easy to say good bye. Again, I should realize that whatever happens I do love you my mother land, a place where I want to dedicate the rest of my Life until I have to close my eyes forever.

Doha, Qatar International Airport, 13 January 2014 (06.00 am)

It was the first flight for my son, Ilyas,  and it was a very long and boring on the sky. He cried when he felt so boring during the 8 hours flight from Jakarta to Doha. I saw him laugh out again, he met his first female British friend in the air port. They look very happy to meet each other, and they play hide and seek together. They found their own way to be happy. Unfortunately, they should say good bye again very soon after that lovely coincidental meeting. Hopefully, they will meet again in random time in the future.


Manchester International Airport, 13 January 2014 (02.00 pm)

After another 8 hours flight, finally we arrived at Manchester, United of Kingdom. It was not our final destination. We have another coach trip for 4 hours from Manchester to Nottingham.

The New Sun Shine From Nottingham


Finally, we live together in this lovely city. A placed where we will learn many things about life and love. Priceless experiences that we will never forget and appreciate much in the future. A place we put a bunch of hope together for a better life. Welcome to Nottingham my loved ones. Let us start our first step in this fruitful chapter of our life. Hope you will be always happy and enjoy your wonderful life here. Let us write this life story with our gold ink. A story that will be always nice to remember in the future. A story about I, you, life, love, and God who always one and the only one behind the scenario of our life story. To whom we will go home in the end of the day.

We and our life are never perfect. But, come along with you we can turn this imperfectness into great opportunities.


Now, I always have a reason to never give up. A reason to be fully charged in my single day. A reason to never feel lonely. It is your smiles. Now, none of each single time but happiness. Because, we will be always together, inshaa Allah. O, ya Allah, bless our family as always. Give me a full of blessing life now, and after. Ammiiin.

Saturday: another social life day

It was Saturday (8/06/13). It was quite sunny day in the summer, but not too sunny. In the morning, after having my breakfast with Nasi Goreng, fried rice that I cooked by my self, I went to George Green Library, in University Park Campus,  at around 09 am. It was not usual for me. The thing was I forgot to copy my working file from the university drive to my portable disk. The library was very quite and I was the first visitor of the day. It was quite understandable, since the examination weeks had ended. I was working on revising my first year review report. I should redraw some figures taken from some literature to my own way figure.

At around 11 am, I left  the library. I had an appointment with Arif, my close mate to go to Beeston, a city just nearby the University main campus,  for some missions.  I met him at South Entrance bus stop, and walked along with him to the city. Along the pedestrian on the way to Beeston, we took some pictures. It was summer, we found green trees and colorful flowers. At University west entrance we met Pak Sukirno. Finally, we did our missions together.


The first mission is finding a ” To Let” house. One of my friend of  friend would come to Nottingham on July and She needed my favor to find a rented room in shared house. Luckily, a day before, after jumah prayer I found an Ads. It was a serendipity, indeed. The house was available for Muslim Sisters Only and there were two available rooms on July and four available rooms on September. I had phone the landlord to make sure that the rooms were still available and today I had an appointment with the landlord to see the house in person. The house was at  Albert Road very close to University Park and at the way to Beeston. I thought, it was very perfect place.

We arrived at the house at around 11.45 am. I met the landlord, and he let me in the house. The landlord was a Muslim brother from Pakistan. At my first glance, he was very nice and he looked quite different with the typical Pakistan brothers that to be honest I had negative impression to them. But, the brother was different, I had very positive impression. He showed me all the rooms, the living room, and the kitchen. There were four rooms with private bath room inside. The room was quite neat and cozy and it was fully furnished. Each room had beautiful outside view as well. It was quite affordable as well, just for £280 per month including bill. After taking the picture of the house, i left the house and would notify the landlord as soon as possible.


The second mission was Casual Gathering at Mbak Mar house. It was very frequent for us to visit this house. We felt at home at this house. We met mas Walid and came along to mbak Mar house. As usual, we had very warm long chat there. There were Mbak Mar, Mas Hasto, and their three boy childreen; Mas Wisnu, Bu Arif and their the only boy child,  Mas Alaudin, and Mas Ihsan. Other than the warm chats, the thing that make we felt very happy here was that we got free very Indonesian food. In this time, we got Gado-Gado. It was very Indonesian taste, and it was extremely good. I felt like at my home country. Thanks a bunch mbak mar and family for these very-very delicious food. We had Pisang Goreng, the fried banana,  and Indonesian tea before the main menu. The chat continued until the Ashar prayer time was calling. Anyway, in the meantime, we heard bad news from Indonesia that Taufik Kiemas, the husband of former Indonesian President, Megawati Sukarno Putri, passed way In National Hospital, Singapore. Rest In Peace Pak TK!


After the Ashar prayer, we did the third mission. It was the main mission actually, it was preparing for Indonesian Festival on 15 June 2013. Since, we published a paper about Indonesian culture, we (Arif, Mas Walid, Mas Udin, and Me) were appointed to held Bahasa Indonesia Workshop on the day of  Indonesian festival. We were preparing for the workshop kits. We managed to prepared a leaflet about Indonesian fact at glance, and introducing Bahasa Indonesia. We also prepared a booklet for introducing the richness and the beauaty of Indonesia in nature, culture, and people.


Finally, we finished up our work at around o8.30 PM. We left mbak Mar house for the third mission. The third mission was shopping our weekly food stuffs in Tesco. It was Saturday night, so the supermarket will open until middle night. We took a trolley and shopped together wandering around the supermarket.  I bought vegetable oil, eggs, rice, snacks, and some condiments, as well as vegetables and fruits. We paid our stuffs in automated cashier machine with our Debet card. It was very easy to shop in the UK, it was very simple and easy.

After finishing the shopping we went home on foot again via Beeston and the pedestrian by the University Lake while having never ending chat among us. I arrived at home at around 09.45 pm. After making Maghrib prayer I went to the bed soon.


*) the picture taken from