Im Happy with Very Highly Utilized Facilities by Student in My Campus

discuss_studentI am very happy and glad to my students. Although the facilities in my University (ITS) are somewhat limited, but I am very happy to know by my self that all facilities are highly utilized by the students.

For your information, there are only two discussion rooms in my department ( Information System Department) that totally has around 600 students. Never imagine that the discussion room is commodious with well-equipped facilities. It is no more than 4 x 4 Meter squares room, equipped with one table and some seats, 1 white board (made from glass) and some board makers, fortunately it’s equipped with AC (Air Conditioner) and Wireless ‘hostspot’ network for Internet access. No permanent LCD projector is provided.

The discussion rooms are located in front of opposite with my room. I can look in the discussion room in each single time whenever I was in my room. So surprised, to know that the discussion room is almost never empty with student. A long the time I always see there are some student discussing some interesting topic, I am not sure what they discussed about. I think they discussed on their course material. They look so serious but, in other side still looks happy and relaxed. Some time they lough and make joke.

I do not know until what time, they will still be there. The only thing I know is when I was leaving my room at 11 PM at night, they were still alive inside those room.

The same thing happens in some Laboratories. Actually, has been prepared 4 labs in Information System Department. They are Programming Lab, Decision Support Lab, E-Business Lab, and Information System Planning and Development Lab. But there are still only two labs that are well established : The programming lab with around 60 PCs and Final Year Project / Information System Planning and Development Lab with around 20 PCs.

However, I am very happy to know that these two labs, looks always be fulled by the students at all day and night. May you think that I am lying. But it is true. It is very common in my University, especially in Information Technology Faculty. The students spent all the time of their day in campus or labs.

The contrary condition is happened in UTP, where i pursued my master studies. Although this University is claimed as the best well-equipped University in Malaysia, but with very low utilization by the student. Never imagine you can find there are student still around in lab. or campus at night, even, at day it is rarely you can find student around the Lab.

I’m sure with this condition in my University, especially in Information System Department, in the future will be highly productive University. Hopefully.

Cak Shon [@ ITS, 040309: 06:25 PM]

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