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Another Social Life : Picnic to Coombe Country Park


There is always happiness at weekends.

Life is never flat adventure. Sometime we find a climb and in other times we find a slope that make us sad and happy. PhD life is never easy, but I have always had a reason to be happy at weekends.  It was Saturday (22/06/2013) and the happiness went to “Picnic to Combe Country Park”, in Conventry – a small town nearby Nottingham. It was organized by our “Pengajian” community of  Indonesian islamic people living across Nottinghamshire. We are all either students or UK permanent residents and the family member living in Nottinghamshire. Usually, we hold monthly “pengajian” gathering in the prayer room at Suton Bonington campus, the University of Nottingham. Since, it was summer, we tried something different.  For this one day trip, We rented a bus with 33 seat for £425 . The Bus departed from the University Park at 09.00 am and arrived in Conventry  the around 10.20 am. So, it was quite short distance from Nottingham.

Combe country park is located in Conventry countryside, where we can enjoy the nature and have fun at the playing ground. It is a perfect place for a family spending weekend together. Other than the nature, we can also find the wildlife. Here are some pictures successfully grabbed from the spot.

The genuine beauty of the Nature

It is so peaceful and green place as far as our eye could see.

It is a place where we could see the exotic view of nature blended with the its wildlife.

It is a place where each single life creature never feel annoyed by the others, but orchestrate to each other.

And upon all these things is that we enjoyed them together. In the far future, it was worth to note that we had been there spending the times together. A note that could be a time machine capable to play back whenever we want to.

Just to remind my self in the near future when my memorizing capability will not work well anymore, I should note their names here. On the top from left to right: mas Hasto, mas walid, uda Isa, mas Rico, mas Arif, me, pak Masdar, pak Ihsan. Whilst, in the bottom from left to right are: pak Sidik, pak Abdurrahman, mas Wisnu, mas Udin, pak Haji,  and pak Sukirno.

And here  we were in full team,

One of the landmarks in this place is a hotel with a distinctive architecture, have a look closer here,

and here is a friend to remember, a friend with whom I almost surely have had no weekends without spending times together,

Having friends is always rewarding gift. From whom we can learn a different lesson. Every people has their own story, their lives are up and down but there is always a fruitful lesson to be cherished and learnt. For that reason, I really enjoyed making closed friends. For sure, friends come and go to our live, but the memory and the lesson we have learnt from will remain forever in our lives.

What we have done there.

Although it was only a half day vacation, but it really had reflected the essence what Life is? life is all about:

to play,

it is  not monopolized by the children, but the adults also did.

to eat,

to learn,

I was preparing for my first year review Viva, two days after. It was simply reading my report from my kindle.

to pray,

and finally to love,

I was so lucky, I found many children to whom my love goes to.

Eventually, the only thing will remain in the far future is the memory. Hope this note will play  those memories back, anytime  we are willing to. Thanks everyone for being one of my memories in this Life.

*) photos are courtesy of Ziaul Arif