Saturday: another social life day

It was Saturday (8/06/13). It was quite sunny day in the summer, but not too sunny. In the morning, after having my breakfast with Nasi Goreng, fried rice that I cooked by my self, I went to George Green Library, in University Park Campus,  at around 09 am. It was not usual for me. The thing was I forgot to copy my working file from the university drive to my portable disk. The library was very quite and I was the first visitor of the day. It was quite understandable, since the examination weeks had ended. I was working on revising my first year review report. I should redraw some figures taken from some literature to my own way figure.

At around 11 am, I left  the library. I had an appointment with Arif, my close mate to go to Beeston, a city just nearby the University main campus,  for some missions.  I met him at South Entrance bus stop, and walked along with him to the city. Along the pedestrian on the way to Beeston, we took some pictures. It was summer, we found green trees and colorful flowers. At University west entrance we met Pak Sukirno. Finally, we did our missions together.


The first mission is finding a ” To Let” house. One of my friend of  friend would come to Nottingham on July and She needed my favor to find a rented room in shared house. Luckily, a day before, after jumah prayer I found an Ads. It was a serendipity, indeed. The house was available for Muslim Sisters Only and there were two available rooms on July and four available rooms on September. I had phone the landlord to make sure that the rooms were still available and today I had an appointment with the landlord to see the house in person. The house was at  Albert Road very close to University Park and at the way to Beeston. I thought, it was very perfect place.

We arrived at the house at around 11.45 am. I met the landlord, and he let me in the house. The landlord was a Muslim brother from Pakistan. At my first glance, he was very nice and he looked quite different with the typical Pakistan brothers that to be honest I had negative impression to them. But, the brother was different, I had very positive impression. He showed me all the rooms, the living room, and the kitchen. There were four rooms with private bath room inside. The room was quite neat and cozy and it was fully furnished. Each room had beautiful outside view as well. It was quite affordable as well, just for £280 per month including bill. After taking the picture of the house, i left the house and would notify the landlord as soon as possible.


The second mission was Casual Gathering at Mbak Mar house. It was very frequent for us to visit this house. We felt at home at this house. We met mas Walid and came along to mbak Mar house. As usual, we had very warm long chat there. There were Mbak Mar, Mas Hasto, and their three boy childreen; Mas Wisnu, Bu Arif and their the only boy child,  Mas Alaudin, and Mas Ihsan. Other than the warm chats, the thing that make we felt very happy here was that we got free very Indonesian food. In this time, we got Gado-Gado. It was very Indonesian taste, and it was extremely good. I felt like at my home country. Thanks a bunch mbak mar and family for these very-very delicious food. We had Pisang Goreng, the fried banana,  and Indonesian tea before the main menu. The chat continued until the Ashar prayer time was calling. Anyway, in the meantime, we heard bad news from Indonesia that Taufik Kiemas, the husband of former Indonesian President, Megawati Sukarno Putri, passed way In National Hospital, Singapore. Rest In Peace Pak TK!


After the Ashar prayer, we did the third mission. It was the main mission actually, it was preparing for Indonesian Festival on 15 June 2013. Since, we published a paper about Indonesian culture, we (Arif, Mas Walid, Mas Udin, and Me) were appointed to held Bahasa Indonesia Workshop on the day of  Indonesian festival. We were preparing for the workshop kits. We managed to prepared a leaflet about Indonesian fact at glance, and introducing Bahasa Indonesia. We also prepared a booklet for introducing the richness and the beauaty of Indonesia in nature, culture, and people.


Finally, we finished up our work at around o8.30 PM. We left mbak Mar house for the third mission. The third mission was shopping our weekly food stuffs in Tesco. It was Saturday night, so the supermarket will open until middle night. We took a trolley and shopped together wandering around the supermarket.  I bought vegetable oil, eggs, rice, snacks, and some condiments, as well as vegetables and fruits. We paid our stuffs in automated cashier machine with our Debet card. It was very easy to shop in the UK, it was very simple and easy.

After finishing the shopping we went home on foot again via Beeston and the pedestrian by the University Lake while having never ending chat among us. I arrived at home at around 09.45 pm. After making Maghrib prayer I went to the bed soon.


*) the picture taken from

Natcor 5th Day: Closing and Competition Prize Winner Annauncement


It was Friday (12/04/2013). Finally, the Natcor shourt course ended. The final lecture was delivered by an emeritus professor Steve Gallivan, from Clinical operational Research Unit, University College London. He was quite old. Rang me the bell of my grand father when he was alive. He presented an interesting application of stochastic modeling in the operation of Paediatric cardiac transplantation. It was all about how to optimize the heart transplantation process involving the donors and patients who are waiting the right heart from the donors. It was very terribly mathematics stuff that made me surrender again.

To be honest, I did not pay attention on his material. He made me imagine what will I be, when I am at his age. Will I still be giving any contribution to my world like him at that age. I did hope so.

After the last lecture, the session was ended with evaluation test. It was only 21  multiple choices questions. It was straight forward and general concept question actually. However, since I did not read all the material, I had no idea exactly to answer all the questions. I just depended on my own instinct and just chose the answer randomly if the the instinct did not come up with the time. The exam took an hour time approximately.

After the test, the last of  session of the last day is the closing ceremony and announcement  of the Competition Prize Winner. At the second day of the course We were given a challenge to solve optimization problem in allocating staffs at hospital call center service. Maintaining  the waiting time of customer not to  exceed particular amount of times, and being given the customer call arrival rate which is vary at different time of the day, We are expected to provide a solution of the minimal staff allocation (minimize staff working hours). The solution should be provided with a Deterministic Time Model software helper only and be submitted within two days.

There are one honorable mention winner, and four prizes winner chosen in this competition. The honorable mention (5th place) went to someone from Lancaster University. The 4th prize went to (unbelievable) me and Lemon from University of Nottingham. The 3rd prize went to someone from Oxford University. The 2nd price went to someone, again from Lancaster University. And finally, the first winner went to someone from Pisa University, Italy.


It was surprising for me, because I thought I will be at the bottom two of this competition/challenge. I felt that I was the most stupid participant at this short course. Because, there were approximately a  hundred and half PhD students from prominent universities in the UK and other European countries attended at this short course. Perhaps, it was a fluke did matter.

Finally, a week of short course in Stochastic Modeling ended. After making  Jum’at prayer at Islamic Prayer at Lancaster University we went home to Nottingham. I went along with Fawaz and Nonth by Train from Lancaster to Manchester, Manchester to Nottingham, and finally from Nottingham to Beeston.

What I reflected from this short course is the mathematics and statistics are the foundation of stochastic modelling. Stochastic is all about dealing with uncertainty matter phenomenon describing what are happening in today business world. Demand and price are short of example of uncertain thing in business. Stochastic modelling is all about finding the distribution pattern of  those uncertain phenomenon, it could be poison, exponential, Weibull distribution matter. The concept of integral plays the important role in finding those pattern attributed to continuous uncertain random matters.

I am terribly bad in continuous mathematics i.e. Calculus. To grasp firmly  the concept of stochastic modelling, background in Calculus and Statistics are highly required. But, I have no time to learn all this thing. It is not exactly what my currently research area. At least, I know about this stuff. Oh god, it really makes me realize how stupid I am. How narrow and shallow my knowledge was.

By the way, what was the Prize I got as 4th winner? I thought I got a bunch of money. But the real prize is an Amazone voucher. Did yo know How much It was?


Yes, it was only 5  not 500 Pound Sterling voucher. It was only enough for chicken and fries meal. However, the value for me really did not matter but the meaning of the prize for me really did matter. Thanks God.

The Humble, Simplicity, loyalty from Mbah Maridjan (In Momoriam)

There is a very popular name behind Merapi Mount Eruption Since 2006. He was Mbah Maridjan, who dedicated all his life for keeping Merapi Mount until the end of his life. Now, he passed a way as a victim of Merapi Mount Eruption 26 Oct 2010. A honorable Death I think. He died in his loyalty keeping his duty. ” Selamat Jalan Mbah Maridjan ! ” God Bless You.

The things reminds me of Mbah Maridjan is his so humble, nice , smiling man. He was absolutely not Arrogant, even after he become an entertainer (i.e advertising model). His simplicity on how he view this Life, and the greatest one is His Loyalty and Religiosity.

May God Always Blesses you Mbah Maridjan!

Blangkon : The exsiccated Traditional Javanese – Cap

Have a look at the cap wore by this guy? it is very cool and nice cap, right? FYI, It is genuine Javanese traditional cap, what called Blangkon. Herewith, I will tell you more about this nice cap. Do you interest it?

Blangkon usually is wore by Javanese Gentleman, but not for Javanese ladies. Some decades ago, all Javanese Gentlemen always wear this cap in his daily life. But, nowadays since the massive expansion of global culture attacks, it is very strange you can find Javanese gentlemen wear this very nice cap. However, may you can still find this ‘strange’ Javanese gentlemen with Blangkon at his head in Keraton Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta Palace), and Keraton Solo (Solo Palace) only. Both palaces are in Middle Java region. You can also find Japanese Gentlemen with Blangkon in very very special moment or ceremony, such as in Javanese traditional wedding ceremony or another traditional ceremony such as “Sunatan” (circumcision) ceremony.

Blangkon is made from fabric with Batik motif. I am very sure that you have been familiar with batik, right?. Batik is  just another fabric motif design as depicted in the background of above-mentioned picture. Batik can be differed by four models, i.e Ngayogjakarta, Surakarta, Kedu and Banyumasan. Each model refer to city where this Blangkon come from. What make them different is the location of Blangkon’s bulge. Bulge is usually indicate where the hair is hidden inside this Blangkon. Last decades ago many Javanese gentlemen with long hair.

Although it is not easy to find Javanese Gentlemen with Blangkon at this days, However it is not difficult to find it when you visit Indonesia. You can find it easily in many traditional markets in Yogyakarta and Surakarta. In East Java we can find it in some cultural tourism destination such as in Jatim Park. Above depicted Blangkon is grabbed from Jatim Park, Batu Malang East Java. Blangkon is absolutely affordable. You can get it, by spending your 1-2 dollars only.

Blangkon is one of many local heritages of Java. It is an identity of Javanese, that makes different them with other ethnics, and nations. It is regretful, since we know the fact that Blangkon is annihilated from its existence. I bet it is caused by identity crisis of Indonesians, especially Javanese, and especially its youth. They think that everything come from western is more modern, better, and more prestigious. They feel ashamed with their own identity. Health personality, is the one that not easy to be affected by others. Contrarily, Health personality is the one that pride with what they owns. As Indonesian, and as Javanese, there is a calling from the depth of my hearth to keep, conserve  and nurture this highly valuable local heritage.

Let us be proud with Blangkon !

Jatim Park : The exotic of East Java Indonesia Culture and Nature

Rarely, I can enjoy my holiday even in each my single weekend.  Many things want to do, in my very-very limited  time, make me sacrifice my holidays for doing activities that I think it is much more important. Usually, I always go out  city Surabaya, Fortunately, I am yet to be having family that set me free to do what I want to do.

Thanks God last weeks i.e. April 4th 2010, finally I can enjoy my unplanned holiday :D. Actually, I just want to see my little brother for a while in Malang. However, accidentally my room’s keys is left in Malang, and the worse case is I just realize it when I have been in Jombang. Hardly, I have to come back to Malang. From Malang, I plan to go to Sampang Madura. But, I realize that am not Superman and I do not want my body is dropped. Finally, I decide to enjoy my holiday in Malang :p i.e. Jatim Park, Batu Malang. Herewith, I am telling you about this nice place.

Jawa Timur Park ( East Java Park ) is located in Batu city, it is nearby from Malang city. It is about 1 hour trip by using public transport. From Malang you can take “Lyn” (it is van-like public transport)  with destination to Landung Sari Terminal ( I mean terminal here is Lyn station), its about 15 minutes. You will be charged Rp. 2.500 ,- . From Landung Sari Terminal, you must take another “Lyn” to Batu terminal. Just ask to anybody in Landung Sari terminal which lyn will proceed you to Batu terminal. It is pink-colored one. You will be dropped in Batu Terminal, and be charged Rp. 2.500. From Batu terminal, unfortunately there is no public transport taking you into Jatim Park. But, do not worry, you can reach it by on foot while enjoying the fascinating nature of Batu. Batu is highland with comfort and cool temperature making you joyful to inhale fresh air here. I can make you sure, it is joyful trip by on foot. Moreover, if you come with your lovely friends.

To enter this Jatim Park, you will be charged Rp. 45.000 ,- in weekend and holidays (Friday-Sunday) and Rp. 35.000 ,- in Workdays. I think this charge is affordable and worthy with the facilities are given. What kind of facilities that Jatim Park offers? Herewith,  I am telling you. Generally, Jatim Park offers two kinds of facilities i.e. learning and recreation. For learning facilities, Jatim park provide what I called Cultural Outlet from all around Indonesia,especially from East Java. Have a look and enjoy bellows pictures! It is wonderful outlet for those interesting to know and learn about Indonesian culture.
Jatim Park
In this picture are I and my twin brothers : Andrew and Hajir 😀 . Have a look at us ! We are so happy, right? In this cultural outlet instead of getting valuable information behind this respective local heritage, you can take your picture for free. It is wonderful objects for those loving photography and art.
Jatim Park

Jatim Park

What make us  interesting here is the cultural outlet not only show you about traditional dress, but also how the way of Life. For instance how Javanese People cook their food traditionally.

Jatim Park

Jatim Park

Not only all about cultural, Jatim Park also offer learning facilities what it is called Science Outlet. In this Science Outlet there are many fundamental concepts in physics, biology, mathematics, and chemistry are explained easily and very-very interestingly. Such as theories about sounds, acoustics, mirror, anatomy, algebra, viscosity theory. You can learn by playing it.

Jatim Park also provides Flora and Fauna Parks such as Bird and Reptile Park that I think the collection is complete enough. For recreation,  Jatim Park provides many interesting playing zone that i think it is compareable with Dunia Fantasi at Jakarta. The most interesting playing zones for us are Pipe House and Ghost house. It is very excited playing zone that not easy to be forgotten. Swimming Pool also provided inside Jatim Park. For those interest in Culinary, Do not worry you can find East Java Food with affordable price here. For those Muslims, there is good, clean and wide enough mosque inside for you for praying while enjoying your holidays. Two thumbs up for the mosque, I can make you sure, it is not like mosque in shopping center in Indonesia.

In the end of your journey in this Jatim Park, you can buy many exclusive souvenirs and gifts with very cheap and affordable cost. Most of them are fine art souvenirs. Many kinds of snack and special food made from fruits are available here. traditional apparel such as Batik are also available. Apple, the trademark fruit of Batu Malang, you can buy it at lower cost.

I think Jatim Park is right choice for you to run away for a while from your tedious daily activities, to recharge your energy, to refresh your mind befor going back to your daily activities. See you then, at Jatim Park Batu Malang. Bye…. !!