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kicking the boredome: trying something new

Sometime, Life is so boring. Have you ever felt that kind of inconvenience case in your life? and how did you deal with it?  So is my PhD life. Having routine and monotone activities make Life seems stagnant and running in place. And it is my story how I dealt with the boredom.


It was Thursday(04/07/2013). When I woke up from my sound sleep and about to go to campus as usual. My conscience told me to do something different. Yeah, I always follow what my conscience tell me to do so. Usually, I wear casual  t-shirt, thus I must wear long shirt. Usually, I go to campus early in the morning, thus I must go to campus quite late. Usually, I go to Jubilee campus, thus I must go to University Park campus.

I walked to the University Park without did not knew which place I should be heading to. Finally, I decided to go to student union shop without knowing what I should buy. Probably, to best of my memory,  the last time I bought something  from here was when I firstly came to this university to buy a SIM Card. Yeah, I still remembered I bought Lebara card. Finally, I decided to buy a new hoodie. It was The University of Nottingham hoodie.  Everyday, I always wear hoodie. Probably, by wearing new hoodie, new power and passion will energize me later on.

From the student union shop, I run to caught the hopper bus heading to Jubilee campus. I was so lucky, the bus was arriving at the same time I was arriving at the bus stop. In the bus I read a daily newspaper, Metro, provided for free to the passengers. As expected, the headline news was from Egypt about  Morsi.

handphone cakshon 474

In the lab, I start my PhD stuff by dealing with the HyFlex code. But, my mind suddenly told me to open my kindle. And my beautiful mind lead my eyes to read a Novel instead of a journal a paper. I read “5 cm” novel. It was quite old novel but the best selling one that I had have time to read it.

In the middle of the day, very rarely a friend of mine i.e. mas Walid came to my lab. to see me.  We had a small chat, before finally we left the lab for  Amenities building close to the lab for making Duhur prayer. Afterward, we went to Djanogly library. It had been a long time, I did not visit the library and It was the first time mas Walid visited the Library. We just wanted to see around people in the library and to book train ticket for travelling to Manchester  this weekend. The travelling that we just decided to go to an hour before.

From the Djanogly library, mas Walid went to Hallward library whilst I went back to the Lab. At 5 pm, accidentally my mind told me to go to business school library. Indeed, it was my first time visiting  the library. The library amazed me. The book collection was amazing. I found a bunch of business, economics, as well as computer science book there. and the surprising me was the study zone was extremely cozy. It drove me to stay in longer and longer.

handphone cakshon 484

There were so many books I wanted to read in the place. It was very true, at least for me,  in the place among thousands interesting books was a great pleasure. But finally, my choice went to economic book. It was definitely out of my field of study or my research area. But, it is always interest me to learn something new, to learn something different.

handphone cakshon 485

Unfortunately, I should caught the hopper bus at 5.45 pm to leap to University Park for making Ashar prayer and stay in George green Library until 09.30 PM afterward. So, in a day I had visited three of 8 libraries  in the university of Nottingham. Oh God, sorry I did not learn enough today, but I am human. I have a boring event point. Time, where I should find another “Life”.

the day that might be worth to remember


It was Friday (14/06/2013). The beginning of the weekend. Nothing special for the day, it was just like the other days. I came to the lab and was working with my PhD stuff. I was finalizing my first year review report that the deadline was in 3 days. I added the  Gantt  chart of my research works in the future works section. Since, I got no technical feedback from my spv, at the rest of time I just read, read and read papers. Oh God, please bless me with very best luck and great success at the day of the Viva of my first year review. It will be the end of my PhD probation period, that determine whether I am qualified or not to be a PhD candidate.  Please, help me ya Allah.

In the afternoon, I hop to the University Park, for making  Jumah Prayer. As always, there were a bunch of Muslim brothers originating from differing countries came to the same place, the muslim prayer room in Portland Building, University Park, University of Nottingham. I always find genuine serenity and happiness in this place, a place where everyone shares his sincere smile, where everyone offers his warm brotherhood in the sake of God.

After making Jumah prayer and having small chats with some brothers, I had a meeting, the final meeting,  for Indonesian Festival 2013, that will be held on the next day. It was a thorough briefing about the program for all organizing committee members. It was quite surprising, the committee looked work very well and quite well-prepared even if the number of committee is quite few and they had very limited time for preparation due to the final examination. Two thumbs up, for the organizing committee. another note worthy achievement was that the committee successfully rose thousands pound sterling money from some sponsors such as Indomie and Teh Botol Sosro.

The meeting ended at around 03.30 pm. I came along with Mas Udin, Mas Walid, and Arif to George Green Library. We had further works on finishing our Bahasa Indonesia workshop media and toolkit. We were preparing a booklet depicting the Indonesian people, culture and people at glance. We also prepared a Bahasa Puzzle, a puzzle of matching words in Bahasa Indonesia versus English. We were very lucky, the library provided many excellent discussion rooms. To be honest, it was my first time to utilize the facility. The cozy sofa, wide-screen PC, and electronic color marker made the meeting so enjoyable.

The Ashar time prayer called us at 05.30 PM. We went back to the prayer room in Portland Building for Ashar prayer.  Afterwards, we worked back in Portland Building, there were some PCs connected to University network available to use by any students. We did not need to worry about saving files problem, because the university provided a free drive space accessible from any PC connected to the university networks. When we start working, we were starving badly. Thus, we ordered halal fried chicken advertised in brochures located in the prayer room. We ordered 14 pieces chicken wings, 4 boiled rice, and 4 cans of coke for only £14. It was very modest order isn’t it. But, because we were starving and ate together, the food taste extremely good. Even, we ate each single grain of the rice.

We finished up when the Maghrib prayer was calling. After the maghrib prayer, Arif and mas Udin went home while Mas Walid and me went to the lab at Jubilee Campus to print out our work. I was very lucky, the Lab provided free high quality color printer, photocopy machine, as well as binding machine for free. We finished up at 01.30 am, in the morning. We walked through the river nearby Queen Medical Center from Jubilee Campus to Dunkirk. Arriving at home, I did not go to sleep promptly. The Subuh time was at 02.30 PM, so I thought it was more sensible to sleep after the Subuh Prayer.

Thanks God for the day. It should be worth to remember one day later in the future times.