a very good Friday: the splendid time with friends


It was Friday (31/05/2013) at the end of May. It was very sunny day in the Spring season in the UK. The temperature was around 19 degree centigrade. It was very warm or even the warmest day I had felt in the UK, so far. I went to the Lab as usual, for doing my PhD stuff and the website for Hyflex until in the middle of the day.

at 12.45 I went to the University Park by Hopper Bus for making Jumah prayer.  I was so happy, after the jumah prayer I met my country mates i.e. Pak Kirno, Mas Walid, Mas Sidiq, Arif, Mas Udin, and Pak Ihsan. After the prayer, I along with pak Sukirno went to Hyson Green for our weekly shopping. As usual, I went to ASDA and Syarif and Son.

After shopping, Mas Walid invited us to have dinner together. He treated me, Arif, and Mas Udin for dinner in Taste of India restaurant that was very close to Arif house. Mas Walid came to my house before going to Arif house. We had interesting chat about our prior Pesantren Life. We shared the same experienced about boy to boy romance relationship in the Pesantren. It was taboo yet real fact. Actually, it was so humane.

We went to the taste of India at around 07.00 PM. We just ordered the menu and took away the food from the restaurant. We ate together the food in Arif house. We ordered for Mushroom Baji, Chips, Garlic Nan, Lamb Curry, Fish Buna, and Tandoori Lamb Chop. They were guaranteed as Halal food. Explicitly, it was not too luxurious food yet it was priceless implicitly. Being together with best friends is always incredibly priceless time. There is always genuine happiness inside.  Being together made the food more delicious hundreds times. We really enjoyed the food up to the last grain of the food.


After finishing the food, we were involved in intense yet warm and casual discussion. At the very right moment, we were discussion about threatening to our local languages. We were critically discuss the fact that many new families from rural living in urban cities did not speak their local languages any more. It was not arguable that as matter of fact, in those families the children could not speak their father/mother languages.

In our opinion, it was critical issue. It could threaten the existence of thousands local languages in Indonesia. We should took actions to deal with those problems. We discussed how to cope with that problems. One of sound idea came from Arif who suggested to speak their local languages in their family at least one day of seven days a week. Moreover, we also discussed how apparently we could shape our children character by practicing our local languages. Such as in Javanese language we should use different words for the same meaning to different people in order to give respect. It was so important to teach our children how we should respect the parents and other older people.  The silver bullet of our discussion was we should not feel inferior with our local heritages, because we could find many life wisdom from them. Thus, we should conserve and sustainably inherit them to our descents. From Generation to Generation.

We ended our discussion when the Maghrib Prayer Time was calling at around 09.30 PM. We made Jamaah Prayer in which Arif was appointed to lead the prayer, although actually he is the youngest among us, But he had extremely excellent prayer recitation and beautiful voice. I did enjoy his voice.

Finally, Mas Walid and Mas Udin left at around 11 PM. While I was still staying at Arif house for another business i.e. Writing a paper. Thank you a bunch friends for the time. It was so incredible time. Thanks God for one of the most beautiful gift in life i.e. Good Friends. Thanks for the day and I love you as always.

will be going to MISTA 2013 Conference


It was Thursday (16/05/2013). It was again raining and cloudy day.  I went to the lab as usual. I was learning on quantitative data analysis. I will conduct questionnaire survey, thus I need to analyse the data properly afterwards. It made me dealing back with statistic stuff and SPPS software.

In the meantime, I got very good news that my paper which I submitted for Multidisciplinary International Scheduling Conference 2013 (MISTA 2013) was accepted for oral presentation in the conference. Although it was not my first time that my paper was accepted for an International conference, it was very special for me. Previously, I had published my paper in three different IEEE International Conference in Malaysia, Abu Dhabi, and Taiwan. But, I thought it was more special.

Firstly, I thought MISTA was very specific International Conference, it only focused on Scheduling problems organised by the prominent experts in the area. It was quite different with other international conferences that usually cover very broad area such as International Conference in Information Technology/Information System. Secondly, it really bet my credibility in front of my supervisor. So far, I was really lack of confident. I terribly underestimated my self and It really nurture my confident back a little bit. Thirdly, the most important thing was I got very valuable feedback from the reviewer that will be very fruitful for my future research work.  Fourthly, for sure It will be great a chance for me to meet many other prominent researchers in my research area in the conference.

The conference will be held on 27-29 August 2013 in Ghent, Belgium.  It will be my first euro trip. It had been a long time ago I did hope to have a chance for free euro trip. And this conference, hopefully, will make it happen. I had some friends in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, and Dutch. I really wanted to see them.


By the way, in the evening I got free two different drink from my research group mates, i.e Cola, and Choc for my fasting  break. Thanks friends and God.

When I remembered Who I was


It was Friday (10/05/2013). Again, I felt the time went so swiftly. It was near to the middle of May, and I felt I had done nothing for my PhD Journey. Today, I made a little but great change in my PhD life. You know what was it?  I went to campus at 6 am in the morning. It was the most earliest time I was leaving for campus recorded so far. It was great. I felt so happy in the morning. The lab was still very quite and my mind was ultimately fresh. It was a perfect time to study, indeed. Really, I enjoyed to start my activities at the very early morning. Starting from that time on, I promised to my self to go to the campus very earlier in the morning.

Thanks God. I was quite encouraged and vigorous. The thing that reminded me to be fully encouraged was my memory of my childhood. This lonely tearful long PhD Journey rang me the bell of my childhood.


When I was at Elementary School i.e. SDN Plampangrejo 3, and Yunior High School i.e. SMP N 1 Cluring Banyuwangi, I was so simple, modest, lonely, very hard-working and extremely diligent student despite of all my limitations When I was Elementary school student, Every morning at 06.30 am I must go to the school on foot while majority of my friends went to the school by their bicycle. Still recorded in my mind, everyday I must walks through paddy field, in very terribly bad footpath to the school that was also located in the midlle of paddy field. When it was raining, my parent had no money to buy me even a very cheap umbrella. I just sheltered myself  and more importantly my bag containing my hand-written note book from the rain under a banana leaf.  When the rain was so very heavy, frequently my uniform and book were so wet.

The only learning resource I can access was my hand-written notebook.  I wrote everything what my teachers taught in the class on my shabby thin, low quality paper  notebooks. My parents had no money to buy me high quality paper notebooks such as “Sinar Dunia” books. The brand that I really wanted to because it was advertised too much on the Television. But I never had ones.  I learnt solely from that book at night. My school had no library providing books, magazines, to be borrowed by the students. For sure, I had no text books. It was surely unaffordable for students from family in very rural village, where I was living. However, I was the only student who was very lucky. Because, one of my teachers, Bu Hariani, kindly borrowed me a textbook for Bahasa Indonesia subject.

That was the only textbook I had, when I was at 4th, 5th, and 6th Grade. I really owed a huge debt to her very much. Oh God, please give her full of your blessing in her life. Despite of the very bad learning facilities, I was very happy I had ever won a math competition at  district level.  Finally, I graduated from the elementary school with very excellent national examination mark. I got 43.54  of 50.00, while the average of my classmate mark was only 23.00. My elementary school tenure must be very painful, but I felt it was not. I never felt that what I had at that time was so phatetic.

When I was a Junior High school student the condition was even worse. I must went to the school located at the city from the village where I was living by bicycle for 15 km distance one way. In other words, I must travel for 30 km everyday. Since, the school started at 06.30 am, I must left my home at around 05.30 am in the morning. What a terribly too far distance to be traveled by bicycle, Indeed. Frequently, I had problem with my bike such as puncture and  broken chain on my way to or from the school. If that happened, the situation became much more terrible, since I must walk with my bicycle.

I was in the class where all the students were very smart. It was an excellent class program, in which the students were 40 students with the highest mark selected quarterly from all students in the same level.  It was really not easy for me to adapt, to make friend with my class mates. I was extremely inferior. I felt I was the most stupid student in the class. I felt I would never survive with them. Since, they were from rich family, the looked very smart in my eyes.

I felt very lucky with my new school. It was much better than my prior school in elementary level. The school provided quite self-contained a bunch of books collection that I can borrow for free. I also had excellent teachers who were very expert in their own expertise. My school also had very prominent laboratories such as English lab, Natural Sciences Lab, Computer Lab. as well as sport facilities.

In this school I was a very study oriented, self-centered student. I had no another life but to study. But, it was typical student in my class. Because if we had worse mark than the other students from other classes mark, we should be ready to be kicked out from the class. Fortunately, I did enjoy studying very hard at that time. In the school,  I heavily owed debt with one of teachers namely Bu Mahmudah. She was the one who made me got scholarship from the government. I was so grateful.

It was so painful that finally paid off  at the end I was at the school. When I graduated from the school, I achived the best result on the final national examination.


Remembering all those memory really gave me recharging energy to keep carry on my PhD journey. When I felt so sad and down, I told to my self that I used to dealing with those kind of feeling and you had proven that you were able to succeed.



In the morning, I was working on my First Year Review Report and reading the latest journal of the operational research society until Jum’at prayer time. I went to Protland building for Jumah prayer after wards. I really enjoyed this moment, to meet with my brothers in Islam. Seeing their sincere smiles, shaking their warm hands really could erase all sorrow and sadness in my heart and replacing them with genuine happiness.


Afterwards, I went to Hyson Green before finally I went back to the lab in the campus until at around 11 pm at Night. Thanks God, for the day.

Working on ISICO 2013 paper


It was Sunday (05/05/2013). Nice and very sunny morning.

After Subuh prayer jamaah at Portland Building, University Park, I continued my extended abstract writing with Arif. Apparently, the most difficult part is the mathematical model part. It was very easy to explain the problems in daily conversation words. However, it was very not trivial thing to formulate the problems in mathematical model, indeed. Even, for Arif who are majoring in Mathematics, it was not trivial thing.

In the middle of  working on the paper, we cooked together again. In this time, we cooked ” Telur Balado” (Balado Eggs), and roasted chicken wings . Unbelievable, they were almost perfect. Even though,  I am not good in cooking, even I do not like cooking at all.


We posted the pictures of our food on Facebook group chat room and successfully grabbed many attention from our friends. Really, the pictures were much more beautiful than the real ones. However, to be honest, it really tasted extremely good.


It might be because the camera effect that make the pictures so beautiful and convincing.

Apparently, there is a common silver bullet between writing and cooking. Both are not easy things, not something that can be mastered directly after reading a guideline book. Both require a long time practical experience. So, the only best way to be mastering in cooking and writing is by carrying out cooking and writing iteratively till you find the rule of thumbs by your self.

Although it was only a sudden idea to collaborate in writing the paper in only a day before the submission deadline. Finally, we successfully finished the paper writing at night.  We submitted the paper to the easy-chair soon afterwards. We do hope that it will be accepted and encourage us to write further in the near future. At least, this writing project had trained us to squeeze our mind to solve real-world daily problems with our expertise area. Indeed, as what Enstein had told, education is not simply learning the fact, but real education is the training of mind to think.

After that, we had never ending casual chat about everything at the rest of the day. We always have something to discuss that make us forgetful with the time that went so swiftly and make me stay overnight again at Arif house. Sometime, I think it was too much . But it happened out of my control indeed. Hopefully, it will always become positive things.

Thank you ya Allah for today, my great pleasure and thankfulness over each single of your blessing.