The First Page of A New Chapter from Our Loving History Book

“… even, you do not know (exactly) what will happen tomorrow.” – a random verse of Qur’an.


What does really define our Life? This question must have different answer from differing people. Even, for my self, it is changing over the times. What I understood about life  several years ago could be exactly different with what I am understanding now. Lately, my family really defines what my life is all about. For me, my family is a place where I always want to go home to wherever I am. A place where I always feel comfort, even in troublesome occasion.

Time is ticking. After more than a year being apart from my family, thankfully, right now, we can see the same sun in the same place together again. And it is the new chapter of our loving history book, living in Nottingham, United of Kingdom. Hopefully,  everything does not change but being better afterwards. Because, I do believe that nothing never happens without a reason. Though, frequently we do not know the reason until a long time later on.

Solo, Adi Soemarmo International Airport, 12 January 2014

It is always not easy thing, even the hardest thing in life, to say Good Bye to the loved ones. A bunch of thanks for everything you do my beloved parents, sister and brothers, nieces for consistent supporting us which no one will do but you. I will be always missing you everyday and hope to see you soon in the future.


Jakarta, Soekarno Hatta International Airport, 13 January 2014 (00:25 pm)

It was really very  early in the morning. The stewardess told us to fasten the seat belt, and the plane will fly to Qatar. But, I don’t know why, my heart just do not want to let me go. How difficult living in this homeland country never make me easy to say good bye. Again, I should realize that whatever happens I do love you my mother land, a place where I want to dedicate the rest of my Life until I have to close my eyes forever.

Doha, Qatar International Airport, 13 January 2014 (06.00 am)

It was the first flight for my son, Ilyas,  and it was a very long and boring on the sky. He cried when he felt so boring during the 8 hours flight from Jakarta to Doha. I saw him laugh out again, he met his first female British friend in the air port. They look very happy to meet each other, and they play hide and seek together. They found their own way to be happy. Unfortunately, they should say good bye again very soon after that lovely coincidental meeting. Hopefully, they will meet again in random time in the future.


Manchester International Airport, 13 January 2014 (02.00 pm)

After another 8 hours flight, finally we arrived at Manchester, United of Kingdom. It was not our final destination. We have another coach trip for 4 hours from Manchester to Nottingham.

The New Sun Shine From Nottingham


Finally, we live together in this lovely city. A placed where we will learn many things about life and love. Priceless experiences that we will never forget and appreciate much in the future. A place we put a bunch of hope together for a better life. Welcome to Nottingham my loved ones. Let us start our first step in this fruitful chapter of our life. Hope you will be always happy and enjoy your wonderful life here. Let us write this life story with our gold ink. A story that will be always nice to remember in the future. A story about I, you, life, love, and God who always one and the only one behind the scenario of our life story. To whom we will go home in the end of the day.

We and our life are never perfect. But, come along with you we can turn this imperfectness into great opportunities.


Now, I always have a reason to never give up. A reason to be fully charged in my single day. A reason to never feel lonely. It is your smiles. Now, none of each single time but happiness. Because, we will be always together, inshaa Allah. O, ya Allah, bless our family as always. Give me a full of blessing life now, and after. Ammiiin.

my Family : the place where at the end of day my sailing boat will lie the anchor to

….. and  at the end of the day I really want to go home to something worth going home to namely family. I am so lucky, I have it.


Being apart – in a place of a long lonely journey and too far away – from the loved ones was never easy.

It was so Sunday (12/05/2013). I woke up from my tight sleep at around 2.15 am in the morning. I took Wudlu and prayed for Isyak, Tahajut, Hajat, and Witir. In each single of my prayer, I always pray for my loved ones, family, and friends. To be given all of blessing in their life. After having my Sahur Meal,  I went to mosque at Portland Building the University Park. It was quite cold day because a day before was raining for along the day. It was like a winter again that force me to wear my thick jacket. I walked for about 15 minutes to arrive at the mosque. Conquering the extremely cold weather was paid off with warm greeting from my brothers-in-islam in the mosque and I loved it so much.

After the Subuh prayer, I hid under my thick Duvet  while reciting the Quran and Istigotsah. I was so sleepy and finally overslept while the Quran was still in my hands. an hour later, I woke up again. Suddenly, I missed my mother very much. I kept in touch with my wife and son everyday, but did not with my mother. I contacted my mother quite rarely, at most once a week. I took my mobile phone and called her.

I could hear from her voice that She was extremely happy. I could see and hear love in each single word she spoke to me.  She always wanted to make sure that I was all right, healthy, and happy. I found encouraging in each single of her lough. When, I asked her to make prayer for me, she always convinced me that even I did not request to, she always and will always be praying for me. O, I love you mom and Dad. Sorry, for that I had always  been  pretending so busy with my own business, while in your heart ,  I knew that I was always be there.


Her caring and loving voices reminded me that  actually I had so many people that loved me. I had a big family that loving me sincerely but I took them for granted. I had parents, parent in-law, sisters, brothers, sisters in law, brothers in law, uncles, aunties, nephews, nieces, cousins, and so forth.  But, I ignored them. I did not care about them and I looked like I did not really need them so far. It was true that I had many friends. Friends that are some time more than family. Frequently, I prefer friends to family to share my Life with. I felt more comfort to share my problems with my friends than to my family. I was so lucky, I have many nice friends yet made me forget that I have family.

Suddenly, I took my mobile phone and I made call to my aunties, my mother- in law,  my cousins, my brother and sister in-law. Indeed,  it was my first time I contacted them since I came to the UK. It was my first time I communicated directly with them, since I said good bye to them. Oh God, how evil I was. They were so surprised and extremely happy that I contacted them just for asking how their life was going. I could hear clearly from their voice a convincing truth of how they are sincerely caring, loving, and wishing me a best luck all the time. They were the most beautiful poem that I ever had. They were my supporting hearts.  That, ridiculously I just realized it.

eventually,  when I was down, … it  reminded me that there are other hearts hoping  me to be very successful in the near future.

And at the end of the day I really want to go home to something worth going home to namely family. I felt so lucky I have a family, the place where at the end of day my sailing boat will lie the anchor to.


It was raining and the sky was so dark, but it can not stop my foot path walking to the Lab. Lonely, I spent my time in the lab to deal with my PhD stuff until 09.00 PM. Thank you Allah for my Family. It was a priceless gift I ever had. I will never muff them again. Thank you Allah for the day. I love you !

O my Lovely Son, how I miss you so badly :(

Oh Dear,
I just want you to know How I miss you very badly.
May Allah give you full of blessing in every single of your day.
Grow and Grow ! Shine the world, Change the World
for a better life.
Chase your dream darling.

Eventhough, I am not in your side. Believe me, my spirit is around you every day
and night.
In each single day, and single month in autumn, winter, spring and summer
I just count down, what day I will see and hug you tightly,
and whisper gently to your ear : ” I do love you “.

Pray for your Dad, and Mom.
Be a nice star and hero for us.
We’ll get together in the very nearest of future until the end of day even later.
It is just only a pending happiness for much greater happiness later.
It is not painful torture.

May Allah always hugs us in His blessing, caring, and loving hands.

your Dad,

Thank you Allah: for my wife

my wife

Her sweet smile. Her soft words, and her everything on how she behaves, make me believe that She is the most beautiful gift I have ever in my life.

I marry her On Tuesday, May 17 2010. It is not just in  time decision, but after very long wondering. wondering whether she is the right one for my wife. Many times, I doubt about her. Many times, I afraid I will make a big mistake in my life.

Now, she is my wife. She is in my side. I feel I am the most lucky guy in this world to get her. Her everything makes me happy in her side. The only word, I can say is:  She is the most beautiful gift I have ever in my life. I know, she is not an angel. She is not the perfect one. But, from her eyes, from how they behave, she can not lie that She loves me perfectly.

Oh, thank you Allah for my wife. Thank you for making my days very happy with her in my side. Keep it until the end of my days. In each single time, I always pray : Oh, God keep on making my wife and my daughters and sons later, to be my everlasting sweetheart, and make us, the leaders of muttaqin (those who fully worship to you). Make us keep on hold tight when life ups and downs, when there is cry and lough. Guide me to be good husband and honey for my wife.

Thank you my wife! Thank you Allah for my wife. I Love you!