I am yet to be “qualified” Lecturer, but never stop trying to be better Insya Allah

The journey of my Life as lecturer has gone around a half of semester. So far, I enjoy this journey. I am feeling happy within this education community, Teaching – Learning – Researching – and Servicing community.  Information System Department, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS).  I proud to be part of it. It is  a comfortable environment in my mind. An environment that encourage me to be as I am. An environment that never make me feel under pressure. Sometime, I wonder whether under pressure make me better or worse for me. I know that someone usually shows better performance under pressure. But, certainly I know that I can only enjoy this life, when I am not in under pressure.

During this journey, frequently I wonder to my self. Whether I can be a qualified Lecturer. Is this profession good and suitable for me? or should I change this profession to another that more suitable for me. Being a profit-oriented company employee in another case. Sometime, it is not easy to find and know better my self. It is not easy to know what the thing that is worse, better, and best for me. Till I try it, and know how the end is. The thing I believe much is I will get the best  from  my profession, If  I am happy and joyful with my profession. Since, I am happy to be lecturer,  then I strongly sure I will get the best in this profession.

Now, let me evaluate my self.  Let me show you whether  I have done the right way as Lecturer.  Let me show you whether I have been a good lecturer  and teach well to the student. One indicator is the examination result. In last couple weeks,  the Mid Semester Test have been held. And Let me show you How the result is. It is very very bad you know. I teach two subjects for two classes this semester:

Management Sciences : This course is prior known as Operation Research. Using mathematics approach to solve optimization problems. It is strongly not Management course that discuss social and business aspects, but much more in mathematics. And the average Mid Semester Result is 38.42 out 100.00. It is very bad, because the students will pass if they got grade greater or equal to 60.00. And only five students got passed grade. Only one student got very good grade, 93.00 out 100.00.

Intelligent System: This course best-known as the most difficult course in Information System Department. Even, minor lecturers can and want to teach this course. It is discuss much on algorithm, mathematics, and statistics. How System (program) can learn in term of they can infer rule automatically from the training data is the main concern of this course. That’s why sometime this course is called Machine Learning. Good logic, mathematics (derivation of formulas), and statistics is strongly required to be success in this course. And How the result is. The average Mid Sem Test grade is only 31.36 out 100.00. No student got grade greater or equal to 60.00 and Only 3 students got grade greater than 50 but less than 60.00.

I am sad to know it and feel guilty to this matter. It Should there are somethings wrong in my Lecture.  It means that I am yet to be good lecturer for my students, isn’t it? It means that I am yet to be capable to be lecturer? May be, Yes. But, I think it is still in my  early begining of my journey. It is premature, to judge my self. Give me a further chance to make me better.  Getting better by the times.