Here, I stand. I can do no other, So Please… Help Me Ya ALLAH ! Ammiin

That day 17 of march 2009, will be a historical moment in my Life. that day I will defense in oral presentation for my master thesis, entitled: “SWA-KMDLS: an enhanced e-learning management system using semantic web and knowledge management technology”. that day I will be judged by examiner whether I am qualified to pass and get M.Sc. degree or fail.

“Nervous and feeling not confident”. Yeah… that’s all illustrated what I am feeling now, 2 days go to the due date. Perhaps, it is normal for everyone in the world. Surveys showed that presentation placed the first place, the things that make people to fear. Even, compared with the death.

But, how to combat this annoying feeling? someone said to try breath therapy, some one else said the only thing to do is to be well prepared and rehearse, rehearse, and rehearse !!

Yeah, Rehearse, Rehearse, and Rehearse !! I think it is the most reasonable tips. As the proverbs said that “Practice Make Perfect” . But… oh no… I feel so lazy to do this. Since, I am not a perfectionist man. I have never ever doing preparation for my presentation. I always let my presentation flows naturally on the spot during the presentation. Although, it is not always be good. I feels it is Ok !

My supervisors advise me to do simulation presentation and ask feedback from my friends. Argh…. but it is not my type. I am so naturalist . Sometime I feel I can not control myself and control my Life, but I am under control of the Most Great Power in this world. I believe the Great Power is God, Allah. Where [actually] there is no power and courage but from Allah.

So, the only thing I can do is praying to Him. Hope, everything will be just fine and the all is very best to Me. While trying as well as I can do to be well prepared. Trying to Rehearse, Rehearse, and Rehearse. Preparing the presentation script as “helping secret tool” to recover the worst thing when my brain is suddenly blank during the presentation. Finally, May I can grabbed the Martin Luther words: ” Ich Kann nicht anders Got Helf, Mir [Here, I stand. I can do no other, so please help me God]”.

Ya Allah, Allahumma yassir umuurona !!

My Mom, Dad, Teachers, Brothers, Sisters, and Friends Wish Me luck and all very best for me ! thank you 🙂
My Supervisor Ass. Professor Dr Ahmad Kamil, Ms Noreen Izza Arshad, and Mr Izuddin ZA, please besides me and support me !
My Examiner Ass Professor Dr Abrizah Abdullah (University of Malaya) and Dr Wan Fatimah Ahmad (Univ. Teknologi Petronas), Dr Baharum Please be kind to me 🙂

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