Prof. Danawati, My Inspiring English Teacher.

“ .. She is a Professor in chemical engineering, with three bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering, economics, and English. Even, now she is pursuing her doctoral studies in English. She is really-really an extraordinary woman.”

Bu Dana, that is the name we usually calls her. She is a humble woman with extraordinary achievement. She is so energetic in her fifties years old. Her performance is like a young woman in twenties years old. Although she is a professor in chemical engineering, but She is not looked like a serious scientist. She is really a cheerful scientist. You know she always wears a jean and t-shirt during teaching us English.

I am very happy and feel lucky I can join his short course on TOEFL preparation. I can reveal her wellknown ability in helping student to improve their TOEFL score. Bu Dana is a professor and lecturer at Chemical Engineering Department, Insitut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), Surabaya Indonesia. However, she is also famous in her English ability. My friend suggested me to join her TOEFL preparation short course, and I just joined her since 1 week ago, and now my TOEFL score is getting better and better from 500 at the beginning and now my TOEFL score is 560. I think it is very good progress. I hope that I can reach my TOEFL score target: 650 after finishing this short couse in three weeks. With thus such TOEFL score, I am sure I feel more confident for applying PhD scholarship in any reputable University in Europe.

One thing that I can learn much more important than the others is she always encourages us to study and work hard. She remembers us that our success is strongly depending on how hard our effort to gain it is, and weakly depending on our teacher. Nothing is Impossible when we have given the very best effort for our success.

Thanks a lot Bu Danawati! I will miss your sincere and wonderful advice. You are the most efficient teacher have I seen until this ever.