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I wonder : What a Happiness is ?

“Pursuit of  happiness” [remember me a wonderful film, a film starred by Will Smith about the on-and-off-homeless salesman-turned-stockbroker Chris Gardner :p] . Definitely, you and I are very sure Everyone in this world want to pursuit a happiness in their Life.  No one want to friend with tears and sadness along his/her Life. No none want to life in poverty in this world. Everyone want to smile and lough.  But, sometime I wonder what a happiness actually is. Is it a same definition for everyone?

Happiness is a state of mind or feeling such as contentment, satisfaction, pleasure, or joy [en, wiki]. I think not many people confute on the definition of happiness. But, How to pursuit those state of mind and feelings, everyone has his/her own way. One of my friend said that He felt happy since He have a very popular web blog with high page rank, although no much money on his hand. ” I am feeling mo re happy than them” He said while pointing some people with glamorous style nearby him.  My Another friend said that the ultimate happiness is when you can make money without any effort. You can buy a happiness with your money in your hand he advised me. My else another friend believed that happiness is when you have love in your hand, the ultimate happiness is when you are falling in love.

When I was endeavoring to finish my thesis. I thought that happiness was when I could successfully finished my thesis and got my M.Sc. degree. But, when I got it all, Should I redefine on what happiness is? So, happiness will evolve over and over wrestling with the time. Happiness is get together for those who alone. Happiness is fresh water for those who is thirsty. Happiness is enough money for those who live in poverty, Happiness is get a good job for jobless.  etc. , etc. and etc.  Then what actually the real happiness.

Finally, I contemplate my self. In my lonely room, no one besides me. In the middle of night. Thinking deeply insight what a happiness is.  Eventually, I realized that happiness is when I know better of my self and another happiness is when I can contribute to others. When I know better of me, it draws me to know better of God. I realized that I was so fragile, weak, empty, and need a great power. That a great power is no other but God. God, who look after me in each single time. God, who make I never feel lonely before, during, and after this temporary Life.  God, He is the source of the ultimate of pure  happiness.  and another happiness is found when I contribute not for my self, but when I contribute for others.

When I know better source of the ultimate of pure  happiness, there should be a happiness in each single of my time. Oh God, guide me to run a way to know better and better of you.

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