Trade off Between Narcissism Vs Personal Branding via personal Web Blog


Perhaps, some people thinks and assumes that One created a web blog tendency is no more than excessive narcissism effect. One trying to “show off”  via his/her blog. Is it true? May be Yes, May be No. Narcissism? actually,  What is Narcissism. Even, some feel proud to be Narcissist.  Narcissism describes the trait of excessive self-love, based on self-image or ego [en,wikipedia].

Then, is it wrong to be Narcissist? He he… It is fine to self-love, [because who will love you, even you do not self-love? ] . But, to be excessive self-love based on self-image is unhealthy. It is severe personality dysfunction or disorder personality. In my Religion, Islam, it is known as Riya’ [Arabic], and it is strictly prohibited  for each Muslim having this trait. On the contrary, it is suggested to each Muslim to be humble and not arrogant to others.

Does having a personal web blog always identically represent a Narcissism. It is too Hypocrite to claim that I am not Narcissist in my web blog.  Truly, I am proud when my web blog is visited, moreover it is commented. But, to be honest it is not my concern.

First, I just want to share  some sides of my life.  If I was in Good, may people could be inspired to be better than me. If  I was in bad, may people could learn from my stupidity. So, hopefully no one will fell in the same gorge like me and no one “reinventing the wheel” what I have done well. Second, I just want to sharpen my writing skill. Being an Inspiring Writer is dream of many people. But, to be real Inspiring Writer is a choice. It is just not for granted. But through a long journey of not trivial thorough processes.

Third, the most important thing, I want to make my web blog as personal knowledge management system. In this era of what people called knowledge based economy, every modern organization should aware and realize knowledge as the most important assets and resources better than other resources such as product and service. Knowledge awareness is the key successful factor for organization’s advantages and competitiveness in this highly competitive business world. Thus, I am as a smallest modern organization entity, supposed to be knowledge aware too, Isn’t it ? at least with my web blog, I can manage all my knowledge well, and I can retrieve it back easily, when I am forgotten.

This web blog also encourage me to share and transfer my knowledge, especially to transfer my tacit knowledge scattered in my brain and past experiences to be explicit knowledge. Then, others can grab and learn from it.  Nevertheless, I also can acquire and elicit knowledge from others too, especially the one commented in this blog.

At worst, I just want to make a personal branding from my web blog. Why personal branding? for inspiring and infecting others, [in my very humble opinion] I think  it is necessarily to have a good personal branding first. How’s One will believe on you, if you do not have good personal brand, even bad personal brand. Without good personal brand, one will despise you.

Needing a long time, years to have a good personal brand, but just needing a minutes to corrode it. And it is not easy to recreate a good personal brand. It is important and fine to have a good personal branding as long as address to betterment and driven by sincere desire of your nice heart. Never make a personal branding, but you are so hypocrite.  Only tell the white side of your Life and deny the black side is not good. One will damn you.  No body is perfect ! Every Body is accompanied with its strength  and weakness, but too focus in your weakness and forget your strength is also not good. Focus much in your strength to inspire others, but honestly realize and tell to your self that you are not so perfect.

Be an Inspiring Successful Guy  in a Humble Personality ! Down to earth ! Just like a star on the Water at night, it looks so contemptible, but actually it is so high in the sky. There should be failures and croppers prior to success. Life is not merely about Win and Lost. You are not Lost when you fail to win, but you are definitely lost when you are stop trying !

cakshon [@ UTP : March 21 9:50 AM]