Blangkon : The exsiccated Traditional Javanese – Cap

Have a look at the cap wore by this guy? it is very cool and nice cap, right? FYI, It is genuine Javanese traditional cap, what called Blangkon. Herewith, I will tell you more about this nice cap. Do you interest it?

Blangkon usually is wore by Javanese Gentleman, but not for Javanese ladies. Some decades ago, all Javanese Gentlemen always wear this cap in his daily life. But, nowadays since the massive expansion of global culture attacks, it is very strange you can find Javanese gentlemen wear this very nice cap. However, may you can still find this ‘strange’ Javanese gentlemen with Blangkon at his head in Keraton Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta Palace), and Keraton Solo (Solo Palace) only. Both palaces are in Middle Java region. You can also find Japanese Gentlemen with Blangkon in very very special moment or ceremony, such as in Javanese traditional wedding ceremony or another traditional ceremony such as “Sunatan” (circumcision) ceremony.

Blangkon is made from fabric with Batik motif. I am very sure that you have been familiar with batik, right?. Batik is  just another fabric motif design as depicted in the background of above-mentioned picture. Batik can be differed by four models, i.e Ngayogjakarta, Surakarta, Kedu and Banyumasan. Each model refer to city where this Blangkon come from. What make them different is the location of Blangkon’s bulge. Bulge is usually indicate where the hair is hidden inside this Blangkon. Last decades ago many Javanese gentlemen with long hair.

Although it is not easy to find Javanese Gentlemen with Blangkon at this days, However it is not difficult to find it when you visit Indonesia. You can find it easily in many traditional markets in Yogyakarta and Surakarta. In East Java we can find it in some cultural tourism destination such as in Jatim Park. Above depicted Blangkon is grabbed from Jatim Park, Batu Malang East Java. Blangkon is absolutely affordable. You can get it, by spending your 1-2 dollars only.

Blangkon is one of many local heritages of Java. It is an identity of Javanese, that makes different them with other ethnics, and nations. It is regretful, since we know the fact that Blangkon is annihilated from its existence. I bet it is caused by identity crisis of Indonesians, especially Javanese, and especially its youth. They think that everything come from western is more modern, better, and more prestigious. They feel ashamed with their own identity. Health personality, is the one that not easy to be affected by others. Contrarily, Health personality is the one that pride with what they owns. As Indonesian, and as Javanese, there is a calling from the depth of my hearth to keep, conserve  and nurture this highly valuable local heritage.

Let us be proud with Blangkon !