Good Bye Edinburgh, we were back to the Habitat, Nottingham


Finally,  we were returning to Nottingham back. Three days of fantastic trip to the Scotland must reach its final end. Yeah, if only we could stay longer, we would. However, as matter of fact, nothing is eternal in this temporary world. There is not everlasting happiness or sadness in this tempting world.  In here were the end of our fantastic adventure to Scotland. and Eventually,  at the end of the day in the future, I do believe it will be too nice memory to remember s. Thanks a bunch for the friendship. Dear friends, please promise me that you will never forget the time we spent together and hold tight this bond.


We were leaving from Edinburgh at 09.30 PM and be scheduled to arrive at Nottingham at 10.50 PM. We were sleeping in the bus a long the journey between Edinburgh and Birmingham. We were so tired, indeed.  We arrived at Birmingham coach station at around 07.00 am as scheduled. While waiting for the next trip to Nottingham, we took a bath in the bus station and looked for breakfast at Birmingham City Center. I and Arif tried to find Dixy Fried Chicken, but unfortunately it was still closed. Luckily, we found Chicken Kebab Tiki at halal food stall in the city. It was quite cheap, £3.25 per each, and we got one free because we bought four pieces.


The bus leaving for Nottingham at 08.30. Along the journey, we had the breakfast and long chats until the bus arrived at Nottingham coach station. Alhamdulillah, finally we arrived at our habitat, the city of Nottingham. We caught the Skylink bus from the bus station to our home. and that was the end of the adventure the Scotland. It would be one of unforgettable moments in Life.

In the evening (Tuesday, 28th May 2013), I went to the University Park campus for being exams Invigilator in Coat Building. The exam started at 04.30 and ended at 06.00 pm. After the exam, I went to the lab at Jubilee campus to warm out my brain with my PhD stuff after three consecutive days of break. I went home at 09.00 pm for the tight sleep.

Thank you very much for the day ya Allah. I love you as always.