a moment in life : when some one calls you Dad !



If there is some one ask me, what is one of fundamental turning points my Life. I will say, being a Dad.  It is true that starting a new family and being a husband of your wife, will change of your life, but being a Dad of your first child will do more. I can not forget when my first son called me ‘Ayah’ (Dad). Indeed, it was the most beautiful moment during my life so far.

Since then, someone who calls me Dad really change me in defining what life is. He is always be the reason to go home, wherever I am. Being together with him is always a precious and priceless time. Just to hear he is singing or spelling random words, while he is learning and playing. Or to pretend to be a child when he ask me to do so. Or try to answer each single of his critical questions wisely that is not always trivial to do.

For me, he is irreplaceable gift that make me feel so grateful in life. He is the ‘miracle’ in my personal life. His lough, smile and present are the only things that can alleviate my sadness, pain, tiredness. He could always cheer up, when I was down. He is the reason to wake up when I fall down.