Academic Integrity and Plagiarism in My Course

When you were a student, have you ever cheated in doing your assignment? Haha.. silly question. I knew plagiarism in doing assignment is not special case and very commonly happen between students in my college. But, I knew very well that it is very bad habit and violate the academic integrity in which honesty is highly honorable.

That’s why when right now I am lecturer, I frequently warn my students with academic integrity policy. I strictly prohibit any kinds of plagiarism in my college, especially in my course. However, I do not know why, there are still many students neglect my warning. I always motivate and encourage my students to try their very best to figure out all their homework assignments by their self, however there are only very little student obey it. Actually, I do not prohibit, even encourage them to discuss with others in figuring out their homework assignment, But No “Copy Paste” is allowed. However, there are still a lot of student doing this “Copy Paste”. No more then 30% of students doing their homework assignment by their self.

Finally, I force a new rule for any body who just copy from their friend answer, I will give him/her ZERO grade. But, this new rule is not effectively running as well. My students gets better by the time :D. You know what? They do not solely  copy from one student any more, but they get answer from some students and combine the answer to be their owns. Thus, it is not easy for me to identify which student who actually copy from others. Finally, once a time, when I tought Graph Theory in my Discete Mathematic Class. I force my student to be honest. I just warn them by saying ” God is seeing you”.  I asked them to explain me How they figured out their homework. Whether they just copy from other friends, figure it by their self, or by discussing with others. I asked them to explain me by depicting in graph, and the above-presented figure is the result.

[picture grabbed from  Satria Wibawa Narendra Putra]