Learning Resources

  1. UK Higher Education learning resource,
  2. Research Skill Development,
  3. Social Sciences Research Methods,
  4. What is PhD studies?,
  5. UK Ministry of Education,
  6. The Process of Research Writing,
  7. Latex Code Generator,
  8. Phd Tips Don’t,
  9. Phd Tips Do,
  10. LateX for Beginner,
  11. LateX tutorial for Beginner,
  12. Academic Writing Helper, a phrasebank,
  13. Using English for Academic Purposes ,
  14. Online Writing Lab (OWL),
  15. Learn Statistics Easily,
  16. Help your writing for concordance problems,
  17. Operation Research: an Introduction,
  18. Operation Research: the current state,
  19. Writing Center, University of North Carolina,
  20. Metaheuristic Networks,
  21. Mathematical Sysmbols explained,
  22. Daily Writing Tips,
  23. Easy Converter From LateX to Words,
  24. Excellent Online, PDF to Word Converter,
  25. Study Skill Resources,
  26. Presentation skills: a practical guide,
  27. Convex Optimisation,
  28. Dr Simon Taylor (Simulation, Brunel University),
  29. Prof. Stewart Robinson, (Model and Simulation, Loughborough University),
  30. Prof. Russell Cheng, (Simulation, Southhampthon University),
  31. Polynomial Optimisation, Semidefinite Optimization and Convex Algebraic Geometry,
  32. Google OR Tools,
  33. NEOS (Network-Enabled Optimization System) Server is a free Internet-based service for solving optimization problems,
  34. Foundation of Constraints Satisfaction (FCS),
  35. Proportional Fairness concepts,
  36. Fairness in network resource allocation,
  37. Reinforcement Learning,
  38. Gurobi, State-of-the-Art Mathematical Programming Solver,
  39. Teach Yourself Statistics,
  40. MIT Computer Science Open Lecture :
  41. Princeton Computer Science Open Lecture :
  42. Genetic Algorithm Lecture Note,
  43. Download e-book : ,
  44. Academic Writing Advice, ,
  45. Technical Writing Guide,
  46. Academic Words List,
  47. Collocation :
  48. Academic Bits,
  49. Study Skill Resource :
  50. Basic Matlab Tutorial : Blog, Youtube
  51. Parallel Coordinate Online Generator, link.
  52. Comprehensive Guide to Better Study, Link

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