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I can not wait for my happy family :D

Imagine !  What a wonderful happiness of my Life. There is a beutiful Wife that always devotedly beside me. Healthy, smart and funny children that complete the happiness. They are pearls in my eyes and hears, and we are so close to Allah. We all love and dedicate life just for Allah. Ya Allah I can not wait for this happy family.

Anniversary for my Indonesia : proud to be Indonesian.

anak indonesia

anak indonesia

“Indonesia….. tanah air beta,  disana… tempat lahir beta, dibuai dibesarkan bunda, tempat berlindung di hari tua, tempat akhir menutup mata”

[translated : Indonesia is my motherland, out there, I was born, enjoy my childhood and growth with my Mom, a place where I will come back in my old days,  the final place  where I will close my eyes forever]

Today, Monday 17 th August 2009 is the 64th anniversary of my Indonesia. 64 years, ago our founding fathers declare our independence day. I know uncountable tears, bloods, properties, and souls have been scarified for this Independece day. Today, I Just remember and pray for them, celebrating  our independence day happily. I know most of our founding father strugling for this independence can not enjoy can not enjoy the fresh water of independence.

Indonesia, I know you are not developed country such as USA, UK, Dutch, or Japan. Indonesia, I know most of your people life in poverty. Indonesia, I know sometime world underestimate you. Indonesia, I know, even your own people claimed you as 1001 disaster land. But, whatever happen to you, now and ever I can not stop loving you. I proud to be Indonesian.

Oh Indonesia, today I promise you. I will keep taking care of you. Giving contribution in each single of my times to make you getting better and better place. To be well-behaved and nation . To be prosperous and blessing land. Everyone has his right to have a better Life. Every children have their right to smile and lough in their lovely family. Everyone is well-educated, religious, well-facilitated , and life in this country.

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