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CU Ramadlan, Happy Eidl Mubarrak 1431 H

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar ! Laa.. ila haillallahu Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar Walillahilhamdu. On Friday, Sept 10 2010, I and other muslimeen all around the world celebrate Eidl Mubarrak. After fully 1 month of Ramadlan, All muslimeen all around the world doing fasting, it is the time to celebrate, it is a time to deeply say thank you Allah, it is a time to apologize to each other.

This year there is something that is a little bit different in my Ramadlan and Eidl Mubarrak. Yes, with my wife, it is the thing. My wife have made my ramadlan and eidl mubarrak more meaningful. I have a friend supporting me giving my worship just for Allah. I can do more “Ibadah” and do it by “Jamaah” (together). Ramadlan is a month for contemplation, to contemplate whether our life so far, have been directed to the right destination? Allah shoul be our final destination. Thank you my wife for this fruitful moment.

“Mudik” or Going Back to Village is a tradition for all Indonesian during Eidl Mubarrak or Idul Fitri or Lebaran days, so did I. Usually, people spend about 7 days for holidays to celebrate Eidl Mubarrak at “Kampung” (Village). What about me? This year I have two villages. Firstly, I came to Banyuwangi, to see my parent, and secondly I came to Madiun to see my wife’s parents.

Nothing special for me this Eidl Mubarrak, only the happiness celebrate it with our beloved ones and share happiness with others. Another pondered thing is , this eidl mubarrak is I really enjoy “Ayam Kampung Bakar”  (roasted chicken) made by my Mother haha…. It is very very delicious Mom. Many Thanks you for my Mom. I do hope to see you agin Ramadlan and Eidl Fitri Next year Ammiin!


New Semester = New Spirit + New Betterment + New Hopes

There must be new challenges in Dealing with new students who “pay more” whose ” intelligent less” to my University. It is not easy to find “humble look” students with brilliant brain. The fantastic thing is : Now my campus parking area is like new car show room. What is going on with my University?

Finally, the semester break ends up! new semester, new academic year is started. Tomorrow is my first day dealing back with my student for delivering my lecture in the class. It is just like last year, I will be dealing with new students. It must be “Very Interesting and Challenging” dealing with something new i.e new people. I believe, every body is unique. Therefore, new students must be “entertained” differently. Actually, it is not easy dealing with new students. You know, they just graduated from high school, and now they must adapt with new learning style in University i.e learning style for adult learner that is quite different with teenage learner style in high school. However, It is challenging for me to accelerate them to cope with new culture in University.

Long Time : No “Top Up” For My Blog

Long Time : No

“Semester Break = Blogging Break”

Oh my God, I just realized: It has been very long-long time, there is no “Top Up” for my blog. Would’nt I be blogger anymore? Oh no, hopefully. “NO, Man!”. Blogging is a part of my life.Actually, last two months are my semester break. However, it means blogging break for me, haha :D. The time in which I do hope, I will be more productive blogger, actually make me be not productive blogger. I just realize that new semester will be started by tomorrow.

There is no reason to say that I have no idea to “top up” my Blog. Actually, there are many things left in my head that should I write in my blog. Actually, they are must be tranfered in my blog, since it is my personal knowledge management system.I should swear to my self, I will transfer them in this blog, even I don’t know when.

“was I too Busy?”I think “No”. But, the thing is I am not extraordinary man. Although, I have two months for semester break, If I am not mistaken, I have no time for spending for enjoying holidays.

Bellows are reasons, why I am not productive blogger anymore:

1. I am trapped with commercial blogging, to earn money with google adsense. (Someday, I will share my experience dealing with google adsense. Nice and fruitful experience are guaranteed :D)

2. I am People in Charge for: Decision Support System & Business Intelligence Labs, Research and Community Service in my Department.

3. This year, I am chairman for National Information Sysmposium that will be held on December 4th 2010 at my department.

Fortunately, This semester I will teach the same course for last year: Discrete Math. So, I just Improve what I have done last year. Since, last year

is my first chance to delive discrete math course.I do hope, this semester I will be succesfully deliver my lecture, for my National Information Sysmposium as well.

[updated from University of Pesantren Tinggi Darul Ulum Jombang]

The End of this Semester

Alhamdulilah finally, this semester ends up! There are many things are interested to be noted and should be fruitful learning for future step.

This semester I firstly  deliver course Introduction to Information System. It covers 4 credit hours, for three big  classes (60 students each). Since, it my first time, it is little bit difficult for me. However I still used my “freak” way, delivering this course in English.

Actually, I do hope I can enjoy my long holidays. Unfortunately, it is long holidays for my students, but not for lecturers, I do not have holidays aat all. As lecturer, many things must be done after semester ending. Research:  I have two research projects and I am people in charge to encourage and coordinate research activities in my department, Industrial Project: I am still bonded with IT Master Plan Project. National Seminar : I am number 1 people in charge for this seminar in the beginning of December. Lab Activity: I still have many final year project (FYP) students conducted in my Decision Support System and Business Intelligence Lab and absolutely I should advice and coordinate them.  However, in my own way I can skip all theses stucked jobs  to enjoy my holidays, hahagh!…

Student Paper Contest : Nurturing Student Critical and Analytical Thingking

Being University student is not the same as college or professional academy. One thing is they should able to write their idea, their thingkings in scientific writing. That is what it is called analytical and critical thinking. As University student they are expected to sensitive, critical, and responsive with their environment. That’s why some days ago In my Introduction to Information System course, I conduct “Student Paper Contest (SPC)”.  Each student is required to write a paper ( sholud aligned with IEEE format)  in the topics: Emerging Technology and Emerging Issues in Information System.

I very sure in each lecture, there must be student assignment. But, in this lecture I try something different, I try contest instead assignment. Just like another contest there must be winners. So, I sure it will motivate more  the students.  They will try their very best compete with others to be the best one. Absolutely, the winner, the best one, will get certificate, and prizes. In this Student paper contest they are not only required to write, but also required to deliver oral presentation. Only the best ten students of more than 300 students will be given great opportunity to deliver oral presentation.

I am happy with this SPC, since I knew my student showed their ability in scientific writing, analytical and critical thinking, although they are still in first year in this University.  In my humble opinion, it is effective way, to boast their writing, analytical, and critical thinking. The most important thing is to nurture academic habit such as citation, no-plagiarism culture, and how to write effectively.