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Sistem Baru SNMPTN dan SBMPTN 2019

…. sudah tahu belum ada banyak perubahan pada SNMPTN dan SBMPTN 2019? Check it out ! – a random thought


Ilustrasi: Kampus Teknik Informatika ITS Surabaya

Perguruan Tinggi Negeri saat ini masih menjadi pilihan utama adik-adik lulusan SLTA. Nah, buat adik-adik yang sedang mempersiapkan diri untuk mendaftar di PTN, simak nih ada beberapa perubahan sistem penerimaan SNMPTN dan SBMPTN 2019.

No Aspek 2018 2019
1 Penyelenggara Panitia Pusat Seleksi Nasional Penerimaan Mahasiswa Baru Perguruan Tinggi Negeri (Panpus SNPMB PTN) Lembaga Tes Masuk Perguruan Tinggi (LTMPT) [website:]
2 Manajemen Database Belum Terintegrasi Terintegrasi, sehingga siswa yang sudah lulus SNMPTN tidak bisa mendaftar SBMPTN
3 Kuota Daya Tampung SNMPTN: Min. 30%, SBMPTN: Min. 30%, Mandiri: Max. 30% SNMPTN: Min. 20%, SBMPTN: Min. 40%, Mandiri: Max. 30%
4 Siswa yang bisa mendaftar dari ketentuan akreditasi sekolah Akreditasi A : 50 % terbaik di sekolahnya; Akreditasi B : 30 % terbaik di sekolahnya; Akreditasi C : 10% terbaik di sekolahnya; Akreditasi lainnya: 5% terbaik di sekolahnya Akreditasi A : 40 % terbaik di sekolahnya; Akreditasi B : 25 % terbaik di sekolahnya; Akreditasi C atau lainya : 5% terbaik di sekolahnya.
5 Pilihan Program Studi Calon Mahasiswa bisa memilih tiga Program Studi Calon Mahasiswa hanya bisa memilih dua Program Studi dari satu atau dua PTN
6 Sistem Tes SBMPTN Metode: UTBC dan UTBK

Materi: TKPA, TKD Saintek, TKD Soshum

Jenis: Saintek, Soshum, Campuran

Pelaksanaan: Hanya Satu Kali

Metode: UTBK saja

Materi: Tes Potensi Skolatstik (TPS) dan Tes Kompetensi Akademik (TKA)

Jenis: Saintek, Soshum

Pelaksanaan: 12 Kali, Setiap tes ada dua sesi (pagi dan siang), Hari Sabtu dan Minggu

7 Kesempatan Tes Satu Kali saja

Calon mahasiswa tidak tahu nilainya berapa

Mendaftar PTN terlebih dahulu, baru test SBMPTN

Maksimal bisa mengikuti dua kali (diambil nilai yang tertinggi)

Calon Mahasiswa tahu nilainya berapa.

Tes SBMPTN dulu, setelah dapat nilai SBMPTN, baru mendaftar di PTN

7 Pilihan Kelompok Tes Peserta bisa memilih salah satu kelompok Saintek, Soshum, atau Campuran saja Peserta dapat ikut ujian Kelompok Saintek Saja Dua Kali atau Kelompok Soshum Saja Dua kali atau Kelompok Saintek satu kali dan Kelompok Soshum satu kali
8 Uji Keterampilan Peserta yang memilih program studi Seni atau Olahraga wajib mengikuti Ujian Keterampilan Peserta cukup mengupload Portofolia saja sebagai pengganti Ujian Keterampilan.

Biaya SNMPTN adalah Gratis, sedangkan untuk SBMPTN dikenakan biaya Rp. 200.000 per tes. Kecuali yang dinyatakan diterima Bidikmisi tidak dikenakan biaya.

Jadwal Pelaksanaan SNMPTN, UTBK dan SBMPTN 2019, adalah sebagai berikut:


Jadwal SNMPTN, UTBK, dan SBMPTN 2019

Jadwal Pelaksanaan SNMPTN 2019

Kegiatan Waktu
Peluncuran 4 Januari 2019
Pengisian dan Verifikasi PDSS 04-25 Januari 2019
Pengumuman 23 Maret 2019 (Pukul 15.00)
Daftar Ulang Lihat di website PTN masing-masing

Jadwal Pelaksanaan SBMPTN 2019

Singkatnya, peserta harus mengikuti Ujian Tulis Berbasis Komputer (UTBK) terlebih dahulu, untuk mendapatkan nilai ujian. Selanjutnya nilai UTBK tersebut digunakan untuk mendaftar SBMPTN.

Jadwal UTBK

Kegiatan Waktu
Pendaftaran 12 Januari  – 27 Maret 2019
Pelaksanaan 30 Maret – 26 Mei 2019
Pengumuman Nilai Hasil UTBK Sekitar 10 hari setelah UTBK

Lebih detail jadwal pelaksanaan UTBK adalah sebagai berikut:


Jadwal UTBK

Jadwal pendaftaran SBMPTN 2019 adalah sebagai berikut:

Kegiatan Waktu
Pendaftaran Seleksi 10 – 24 Juni 2019
Pengumuman Hasil SBMPTN 9 Juli 2019 (Jam 15.00)

Informasi lebih lanjut simak sosialisasi SNMPTN dan SBMPTN 2019 [download disini]

Update informasi sosialisasi SNMPTN dan SBMPTN 2019 : [Download Disini]

Atau Hubungi:
Gedung BPPT Lantai 23
Jalan M.H. Thamrin No.8, Jakarta 10340 e-mail: Telp.: (021) 3104041; Faks.: (021) 3104042
Call-Center: 0804 1 450 450 HelpDesk:

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when the students are : Less Motivated and Mark Oriented

I am dreaming someday education in Indonesia is like education in developed country. A campus is fully occupied by highly motivated and hard studying students,  In each single place of campus is fully by student discussing their learning. Campus library is fulled by student learning until late in the night.

I am very sure the future of Indonesia as a nation is strongly depended on how the education in this country. Knowing the education in Indonesia nowadays,  I am afraid and worried about the future of this nation. Regardless how the facilities of  education in Indonesia,  while knowing how the condition of the student really make me sad. As a lecturer in one of leading University in Indonesia, I know well how the condition of student in Indonesia. Frankly speaking, I can say that the student in Indonesia is less motivated and mark oriented.

A case example, when I deliver lecture material in front of class, I frequently wonder to my students: is there any question? It is rarely there will be question. But, when I change the rule by promising them to give extra mark, many student will raise their hand up and ask me “silly” question. They will not study if there is no quiz, no assignment, or test. They will do something, only if they are given reward that is Grade. They are not interested with what their lecturer given, but Grade.  They will hardly complaint if their mark is not like their expectation, many student will come to their lecturer office to try their very best to get better mark. But, they do not care whether they understand or do not what their lecturer delivered in Class. So far, every day I always get student come to my office, but there is no student come to discuss about lecture material in Class. They come to say sorry because of late submission of assignment or test.

“Sir, please do not deduct my mark, please please give me Full Mark Sir”.

No one come to my office and says:

“I am sorry Sir, I do not really understand with this thing, would you like to explain me again?” or

“I am sorry Sir, I do not agree with your opinion that…., in my opinion……”

Lecturer that is generous in giving mark, will be the most favorite lecturer, although he/she is not expert in his/her area. Lecturer that is very strict in giving mark will be “Monster” that is the most unwanted lecturer, although he/she is professor that is very very expert in his/her area.

Sometime, I wonder what are they looking for in this University? Just a piece of bachelor degree certificate with CGPA = 4? what is it for, if they know and can do nothing ! It is even getting worse, when it is known that there is barely student that like Programming, in Information System department. I think it is embarrassing, they will graduate with Sarjana Komputer (Bachelor of Computer Science), but they do not like Programming and can not develop program. It  sounds  weird, but it is truly happen. They graduated from Information System Department, but do not know much about Information System.

In my opinion, university students nowadays are highly affected by “POP Culture”. They only want to be happy, happy in all days. Hang out with their friends just to make happy. They are less hard working, less motivated students. It is rarely view, you can see student in Campus bringing thick text book, read and  discus it with their friend. But, in each single of campus you can easily see student facing their laptop updating their facebook, plurk, or twitter. They use Internet for accessing social network website.  What about library? the backbound of campus Life. I think you know the answer, no student come in this damned place. Library is the most silent place from student.

Knowing this matter, How is the future of this nation?  God knows the answer. As a lecturer, I just have an audacity of hope someday everything will be getting better and better. It is big homework for me, how to make a campus to be real campus. I just want Campus is  not just like a market in which money and bachelor degree certificate is exchanged. I just do hope a campus will be an agent of change, changing for better Indonesia, better life and better humanity.

Academic Integrity and Plagiarism in My Course

When you were a student, have you ever cheated in doing your assignment? Haha.. silly question. I knew plagiarism in doing assignment is not special case and very commonly happen between students in my college. But, I knew very well that it is very bad habit and violate the academic integrity in which honesty is highly honorable.

That’s why when right now I am lecturer, I frequently warn my students with academic integrity policy. I strictly prohibit any kinds of plagiarism in my college, especially in my course. However, I do not know why, there are still many students neglect my warning. I always motivate and encourage my students to try their very best to figure out all their homework assignments by their self, however there are only very little student obey it. Actually, I do not prohibit, even encourage them to discuss with others in figuring out their homework assignment, But No “Copy Paste” is allowed. However, there are still a lot of student doing this “Copy Paste”. No more then 30% of students doing their homework assignment by their self.

Finally, I force a new rule for any body who just copy from their friend answer, I will give him/her ZERO grade. But, this new rule is not effectively running as well. My students gets better by the time :D. You know what? They do not solely  copy from one student any more, but they get answer from some students and combine the answer to be their owns. Thus, it is not easy for me to identify which student who actually copy from others. Finally, once a time, when I tought Graph Theory in my Discete Mathematic Class. I force my student to be honest. I just warn them by saying ” God is seeing you”.  I asked them to explain me How they figured out their homework. Whether they just copy from other friends, figure it by their self, or by discussing with others. I asked them to explain me by depicting in graph, and the above-presented figure is the result.

[picture grabbed from  Satria Wibawa Narendra Putra]

Im Happy with Very Highly Utilized Facilities by Student in My Campus

discuss_studentI am very happy and glad to my students. Although the facilities in my University (ITS) are somewhat limited, but I am very happy to know by my self that all facilities are highly utilized by the students.

For your information, there are only two discussion rooms in my department ( Information System Department) that totally has around 600 students. Never imagine that the discussion room is commodious with well-equipped facilities. It is no more than 4 x 4 Meter squares room, equipped with one table and some seats, 1 white board (made from glass) and some board makers, fortunately it’s equipped with AC (Air Conditioner) and Wireless ‘hostspot’ network for Internet access. No permanent LCD projector is provided.

The discussion rooms are located in front of opposite with my room. I can look in the discussion room in each single time whenever I was in my room. So surprised, to know that the discussion room is almost never empty with student. A long the time I always see there are some student discussing some interesting topic, I am not sure what they discussed about. I think they discussed on their course material. They look so serious but, in other side still looks happy and relaxed. Some time they lough and make joke.

I do not know until what time, they will still be there. The only thing I know is when I was leaving my room at 11 PM at night, they were still alive inside those room.

The same thing happens in some Laboratories. Actually, has been prepared 4 labs in Information System Department. They are Programming Lab, Decision Support Lab, E-Business Lab, and Information System Planning and Development Lab. But there are still only two labs that are well established : The programming lab with around 60 PCs and Final Year Project / Information System Planning and Development Lab with around 20 PCs.

However, I am very happy to know that these two labs, looks always be fulled by the students at all day and night. May you think that I am lying. But it is true. It is very common in my University, especially in Information Technology Faculty. The students spent all the time of their day in campus or labs.

The contrary condition is happened in UTP, where i pursued my master studies. Although this University is claimed as the best well-equipped University in Malaysia, but with very low utilization by the student. Never imagine you can find there are student still around in lab. or campus at night, even, at day it is rarely you can find student around the Lab.

I’m sure with this condition in my University, especially in Information System Department, in the future will be highly productive University. Hopefully.

Cak Shon [@ ITS, 040309: 06:25 PM]

[pict. grabbed from ]

w3 of

welcomeAssalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh [ read : Peace be upon you all, arabic]

Selamat Datang ! Sugeng Rawuh ! [ read : Welcome, bahasa indonesia, java]

I am very happy, eventually i can present this site ‘’.  Cak Shon is my famaus name, taken from my full name Ahmad Mukhlason. “Cak” mean “brother” [and “Ning” for Sister] in East Java Indonesia especially in Surabaya, Jombang City.  I call this site  as a Personal Knowledge Management System. It is not just a barely blog.  But, hopefully it will be a spring of knowledge where i can elicit, codify, document, retain, transfer and share knowledge for me and the others, now and ever.

I devote this site for knowledge, knowledge for better world, knowledge for better humanities, and knowledge for better society. Hopefully, Insya Allah [read : When God Will, arabic]

Wassalam ! Matur Nuwun [read : thank you, Java]


Cak Shon [@ ITS Surabaya, 260209: 6.04.AM]

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