Hello, Autumn!

Hello, Autumn!
Finally, I see you again.
The most romantic time that I miss and wait a lot.

The time when the trees can not hold even a single of their leaves.
I never can explain why I always enjoy leaves when they are falling down.
In silent, remind me that everything has its end.

You ring me the bell of whom that I called honey.
but whom, I never  find somebody else could fill the emptiness in my heart.

You make me still strong, to lead this lonely life.
When I felt have nothing but hopes.
By telling me a never ending fairy tale the angel and his a thousand miracles.

Nottingham, 251013:20:23

a note to remeber, a note to learn

Trent Building

Trent Building, University Park, University of Nottingham.

everything has its end, so does Life. there are some chapters in life and there are so many colors in ea. Just like in a school, Life teach us many subjects to learn. In life, there will be so many  white, black, green, blue, yellow examination papers. From those, we will learn many things about life. So, when life ends up, will you let your life leave nothing? those colors of life are too beautiful not to remember, isn’t it. it is a reason why I write this blog and a reason why I become a blogger back.

and it is a chapter of my life chapters. a chapter when i should leave my home country,where I was born, to another country in another continent. a place where I hope I could understand more on what a life is. It is a side note of my life story, a note to remember, a note to learn.

Nottingham,on Cloudy Sunday, in lonely heart (30/09/12)