The PhD Journey : A Flashback

“Winners are losers who got up and gave it one more try.” —Dennis DeYoung


A Friendship

Again, today I got another regretful news from one of my best friends from the same batch and scholarship sponsor that got his studies terminated. Indeed, I am so sorry to hear that. I still remember, how we start this long and painful journey together. Supporting each other in very frequently not easy stages. Offering a helping hand when one of us in need. Sharing foods and joys just to kill the loneliness of being apart from our beloved ones. Till the day when we could live a life with our beloved ones came and we kept supporting each other though in a little bit distant.

Then, now, it is almost, three summers have gone by and one by one of us, eventually found what everyone really expects not to happen. But, it really happened. And we found no clue how to solve the ‘puzzle’. Since this life is so unique life experience. Finally, I do understand what people said that PhD is a different education level, a painful journey, the most requiring commitment endeavor in life after a marriage.

I am not sure whether it happens for each single PhD journey. But, I saw by my self that many people failed to complete successfully this journey. Even, I know in my cohort from the same research group, there have been 5 people did not complete their endeavor till the finish line. And I am still wondering whether I could finish this journey or not. But, indeed I do hope I will. I swear to my self to give one more try for each single effort to finish this journey safely and happily.

When I was trapped into doubt, the only thing I can do to conquer is believing. At this point, I do feel fortunate that I am destined to believe in God. Yeah, try, pray, pray and pray. I do understand that even understanding and managing ourselves is, more than sometimes, the most challenging one in life. It indicates that there is some one else, that actually manage and guide is. It is no other than God. I can’t imagine when I were an atheist, I don’t know the place where I can go to weasel and submit whatever that make me surrender.

To whom who have decided to quit or being terminated, hopefully, it is only a matter of defining different meaning of our success. To whom struggling to reach the finish line, never give up! May Allah ease our step to reach it. Hopefully, each of us deserve for a happy ending. Ammiin.


  1. Cak Shon,
    Pas abis meeting sama pembimbing 1 dan 2, ditengah diskusi mereka yg semakin lama saya merasa semakin absurd dan gagal paham, terus baca tulisan ini.


    Semoga Allah mudahkan semua perjalanannya hingga selesai Cak.

    Kemarin juga ke ICL berkunjung ke rekan DIKTI yg jg sahabat selama di Taiwan dulu. Satu batch dengan bapak. Gak ada perpanjangan DIKTI, nasib PhD masih maju mundur untuk viva.

    Insya Allah gak dapat PhD bukan akhir segalanya 🙂 We can learn so many things during this journey.


  2. Semoga ikhtiar pak mukhlason dapat barokah dan harapan-harapannya di ijabah.

    Kalau saya pribadi punya ‘cekelan’ pemikiran, “Sakjane awak iki gak pantes, tapi mugo-mugo iso dipantesno kalehan pengeran. Sing penting ikhtiar, bismillah laa haula wa laa quata illaa billah”


  3. Sepenggal paragraf yg saya suka dr buku yg sebulan lalu saya beli:
    “Life can seem like a puzzle. There are a lot of pieces that need to be put into place, but we are not responsible for putting all those pieces in the right places; Allah does much of that for us. For sure, we have control and must do our best to put together the puzzle correctly, but there is a point when we must also trust that Allah will fill in the missing pieces-THAT ALLAH WILL PUT THE FINAL TOUCHES ON OUR EFFORT.”


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