The Snow That Brings Happiness and Joy

…. see the pretty snowflakes. Falling from the sky; On the wall and housetops. Soft and thick they lie. -Falling Snow Nursery Rhyme


Snow On The Housetops

Snow could be severe problem for some people in particular area of the world. However, snow could bring genuine happiness and joy too. What happened on this Friday night, really reflected the latter.

It was on  boxing day 2014, a day after the Christmas day. The day where many outlets offered their BIG SALE. Since it was extremely cold and barely there were public transport services, we decided to stick at home. The sky was so grey and gloomy in the morning and turned to little shower in the afternoon. Luckily, the bed weather never could jeopardise my mood any more,  since I lived with my family in this city. Eventually, I do realise that family is always be the reason not to be sad in any conditions of sorrow.


The Snow Flakes


It was in the evening, at around 7 pm, when we looked outside and realised that all housetops become so white. Yeah, the snow flakes were falling down from the sky. Ilyas and his mom were very excited. It was the first in their life-time to see the snow in person. We were so happy and joyful with the snow.


The Road and Car were covered by the snow


Ilyas sang along a ‘Falling Snow’ song while seeing the pretty snow flakes from the window. He laughed and cheered. For Ilyas it was like ‘imagination comes true’. He is a big fan of Pororo series where the background of the story is snowy places.  Indeed, he was eager to go outside to catch and hold tight the snow.


Ilyas and The Snow Flakes


Finally, we went outside and played around with the snow. What a wonderful sight. The road and cars were covered by the snowflakes. We walked along the road and let the snowflakes fallen on our hair and jacket. Felt the sensation of treading the snow heap. Grabbed the snow and realised that they are so soft. What a simple happiness and joy, isn’t it?

The snow kept falling down, falling down until late of night. Even, till early morning in the next day. For those want to know how our excitement with the snow.Watch the above video !


    1. cah cilik cepet banget grasp bahasa. Emang katanya ‘gold time’ belajar bahasa itu umur segituan. Dadi awake dewe biyen belajar English wes ketuweken berarti hahaha…


      1. Huhahahhaha.. iyo bener yaa.. Rasa ingin taune gedhe, walhasil nyerap informasine cepet. Nek wis gedhe males, daya serape wis berkurang haha..

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