Another Social Life Story in The end of The Year

… a family is where your heart find its place to dive into – A Random Thought


The ‘Pengajian’ Men

In the end of this year, almost everyday is a gloomy day. The day, where you find the sky so gray. The day, when you feel the weather is so cold. The day, when you barely could enjoy the warmth of sunshine. And, you just want to talk to no body around you. Because  you find no one could understand you but yourself. The day when you miss your past so badly and eager to meet some people that are physically so far away  from where you are.

Luckily,  I got the boy and his mom to pacify me. I got so many friends to cheer up the day. Though, it is not in everyday. Thanks for the boy and his mom. Thanks friends for the day. Today, I got so many big lough and cheers just because of you.

(Video:  Social Activity called ‘Pengajian’ at Loughborough | Credit The Photos: Mbak Bety, Mbak Irra, Cak Shon)

Having a bunch of good friends is never  enough. Friends that build up our far-extended family. Though, sometime it is never easy, when the time to say ‘good bye’ is coming up. Today, as the year is fading out , some friends of mine are saying good bye again. Leaving a kind of feeling of brotherhood/sisterhood romance that always deserve to be cherished.


Mbak Menik Farewell Gathering, Beeston, Nottingham


Friends,  I wish that the upcoming times always bring you and your loved ones success, happiness and joy and keep this  brotherhood/sisterhood-romance feeling’ tight to see you again in random time in the near future.

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