the biggest enemy is ….

Frequently, we are too busy in looking for something or someone else to be condemned to, when something does not happen as it should be. Whereas, actually the root problem is in yourself. Why? Because your biggest enemy is no others but yourself.

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Who is the biggest enemy in your life?

I believe that basically, everyone has the same chance and equal time to achieve their very best in their life. However, at the end of day not everyone can achieve it. Why? Frequently, we are too busy to condemn our circumstances as a reason not to succeed.  Let us say in my cases. When I was studying in the University in Indonesia, I frequently regret the lack of reference books and other learning resources as well as the slow  internet connection as a big reason of my study outcome to be not maximum.

But, when I am now here. When everything looks so perfect, surrounded by excellent learning resources and academic staff, do I get my very best in my study?

I should think a thousand times again to say “yes I do”. Eventually, I must realize that the root problem is on my self. Sometime, it is much easier to manage and control the other people. But, controlling your self is totally different thing. Controlling your bad feeling, bad desire, bad attitude and behavior such as laziness and procrastination is frankly not easy thing. Indeed, managing ourselves is much more complicated than managing other people.

That’s why, it is very reasonable that The Prophet Muhamad, peace be upon him, ever said after Badar war, the biggest and toughest war in islamic history, that : there is a bigger war than the Badar war,  that is a war against (bad desire) our selves.

So, starting from now on please stop blaming and condemning the others. Let us be honest to our selves and take action to improve ourselves. You, yourself, the one who know perfectly the problems of yourself as well as the solution of the problems.


  1. Iyaaaa… aku juga kalo sudah mutung itu susah cari solusinya. hahaha.. Jadi yg bisa saya lakukan adalah berusaha menghindari apa saja yg bikin bad mood. Misal mengurangi facebookan.


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