when I was down and wanted to Give Up, but …

She is Getun (literally means Regretful). She is a poor little girl from poor family. She was born without hands. Her life is never easy. But she is so strong. She is so independent. She is so inspiring adorable. She can do what normal people can do, even better, proven by her plausible achievement. Because she never gives up with her fate.


During my PhD journey, some time I feel my life is not easy. Frequently, I feel so worry wondering whether I can succeed or not. On the bad day I was down and wanted to give up. But this little girl really slapped my face. It was very unreasonable for me to give up and feel discouraged.

She lives a never easy Life. But, she is very strong and independent. She is so clever in her school. She can sing and play music. She is very nice girl. She cares and helps the other. She never gives up with her fate. She has embarrassed me who frequently feel lazy and discourage to lead this Life.

For you who feel down and think to give up struggling to achieve your determination ,  please have a look this video and think 1000 times again to give up ! Thank Getun for your inspiration. Allah blesses you forever.


  1. Aku sudah nonton di yutub kang. Mesakne tenan ya ketoke. Tapi si getun biasa wae tuh. Lihat ekspresine gak tau sedih malah semangat uripe duwur banget.


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