being happy or smart?

Happiness is … being smart and having much money… 

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Every person has her/his own right to define what Happiness is. What I define as a happiness could be totally different with yours. But, happiness is a common sense what every person is looking for in his/her life.

Three days ago, in my way to home, I had a serious discussion with a friend of mine i.e. Mas Yodi about happiness. At the end, we shared the same opinion that living in Indonesia is much happier than living in the U.K. Even though living in Indonesia is surrounded by problematic circumstances and living in the UK is surrounded by excellent easiness of Life. It could be rather ridiculous that sometime we miss the terrible traffic jam in Jakarta but it is true.

Today, we had another interesting discussion in ITS  alumni network mailing list about  the data reported by OECD  . The report revealed the fact that  the countries with the smartest students also reported the unhappiest kids. As an example, though Indonesia is reported as the word’s second-worst in Maths but it is also reported that Indonesia’s kids are the happiest students in the world. Contrarily, South Korea kids are reported as world’s smartest but  also unhappiest  students. (Have a look at the picture bellow for detail).


Personally, I am not wondering this fact. I totally agree with this fact and it really describes what I feel so far. I think it is not only a disclosed fact for kids but also for Indonesia’s people as general.

When I first came and saw life at glance in the UK, I felt so excited and very happy. I felt so lucky to have a chance to live in the UK Life. Here, I can find the uppermost advancement of world’s human being civilization. I found how easy and enjoyable living here in the UK. Almost every aspect of life is well-defined, well-organized, and well-solved that make people live in very well-being way. Excellent public services in transport, health, security, education, community, and social welfare are one of many reasons that make a better quality of life, here .

Eventually, at the end of the day I realized that living here is not so perfect. On the day when I found terribly arid social life here. I found many people don’t care with the other people even with their God. Really, it is not easy for me to understand why many people prefer making friend and live with a dog to making friend and live with other people. Why they prefer talk to a book or a gadget than talk to other people by their side? Why people prefer to take care pets to babies? It is also miserable that I found so many churches but they lost their parish that make them no more than old haunted building surrounded by grave.

To be honest, frequently I feel not happy here. Just because I felt so lonely and isolated. I missed warm relationship with family and other people. Thanks to friends of mine that cheer up day by day here.

What a lesson learnt from this fact is that while Indonesia as a developing country managing to elevate advancement in all aspect of human life, we should maintain our genuine local wisdom as well as our local cultural heritage. It should never happen that our advancement in technology destroys our excellent warm social life. It should never happen the better physical quality of life ruins the spiritual quality of life. While people getting better in science, technology and art education, religious practice and education should not be ignored. Because what social life that Indonesian have today such as strong family relationship, warm inter-personal relationship, hospitality, and religious practices are the source of genuine happiness.



  1. huahahah aku tuh gak seneng jadi orang pinter sebenarnya. Karena kalau jadi ornag pinter tuh cepet marah karena ngeladenin ornag bodo..



  2. kata Gus Dur
    Duh bolo konco priyo wanito # Ojo mung ngaji syare’at bloko
    Gur pinter ndongeng nulis lan moco # Tembe mburine bakal sangsoro

    ya smart aja emang gak cukup …

    salam kenal Cak Shon


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