another big smile on Sunday evening

*)Big Smiles : Pak Sukirno, Pak Masdar, Pak Abdurrahman, Pak Sidik, Arif, Mas Iswanto, Cak Shon, Mas Udin, Pak Peni

Happiness is when you can smile and lough out, forgetting for a while each single of your life problems. Happiness frequently comes along with a simple reason. Just like what happens today, the happiness comes from a small living room, where we spend times to get together with our beloved friends.

This Sunday evening, Pak Masdar and his family exclusively invited us for what they called “Fish Party” in commemorating International Fish Day. Did you know International Fish Day? no need to much worries, since it could be hoax, indeed. But, the true fact is Pak Masdar served us with a bunch of  mouth-watering sea food. Probably, it is the most incredible dinner meal service that I have ever had  in the UK.

There are three main courses served perfectly, i.e. Cod Fish Soup, grilled king prawns with “sambal terasi”, and Salmon-head curry. Each of them are cooked in Lampung cuisine style. Lampung, is the city where Pak Masdar and his family live in Indonesia. Regarding the food, I can not say nothing but perfect.

*) Grilled King Prawan with Sambal Terasi and Kerupuk

After having a big dinner meal, we have very casual chat. Indeed, I always enjoy this moment. A moment, when I can lough out forgetting my PhD research problems. A moment, when I can learn and grasp many lessons of life in very casual way. A moment, where I have a great chance to broaden my view and perspective on what life is. Friends from differing backgrounds really enrich this view that make me more comprehend Life . Apparently, I really realize that Life is not as narrow as algorithm and data structures.

*) Cod Fish Soup

Thank Pak Masdar and Family for this incredible invitation. Thank friends for making this memorable moment. Indeed, it is really something that I  will always cherish in my life. At least, I have a place where I can escape from loneliness and emptiness in Nottingham. A place where I can recharge my energy, when I felt weak. A place where I can find my direction back, when I felt lost. And the place is YOU.

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