Our Eidl Adha Celebration in Nottingham 2013

*) The Foods

Each single religious festive is precious thing in live that make us should be grateful. There is a time in life when we should celebrate our happiness together. To create another greater extend of happiness. That is the essence how we should live our life, isn’t it? On Tuesday (15/10/2013) , we, all Moslem in all around the world celebrate what so called Idul Adha or Idul Qurban. A festive to commemorate the sincere sacrifice of Ibrahim to his God, Allah swt. For Moslims,  sincerely devote their Life to the only Allah is at the heart of their way of life, though, by sacrificing everything that they have. And this festive comes to ring the bell of this great message.

*) The girls

In Nottingham, we held Eid prayer in indoor basketball court in the University Park Sport Centre, University of Nottingham at 8.15 in the morning.  Hundreds moslims flocked to the place. After the Eid, every one went to class or labs as usual in ordinary weekdays.

*) The boys

Thankfully, in the evening we, Indonesian muslims,  had small celebration for the eid. It was only simply food and gathering. It seems nothing special. But, for me, being together with my Indonesian friends and enjoying our Indonesian food are always  precious silver stones that I should hold tight. Thank friends for the celebration. For sure, we will miss this moment in the near future.


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