eventually, it is back to normal life: Good Bye Ramadlan and Idul Fitri T_T

Finally, the Ramadlan Kareem that closed by Idul Fitri Eve ended. Yeah, whether I like or dislike it. The fact of life is that everything has its end. The time goes by but the memories remain forever. For sure, my Ramadlan Kareem in Nottingham will be the most unforgettable moment in the period of my life in Nottingham, even in my whole life. It really a full of blessing month.

I will never forget the moment when I was spending  time together with my brothers in Islam especially my Indonesian mates during the Ramadlan.  Indeed, it was too nice moment to remember. The time when we were breaking fasting, making taraweh prayer, staying in the mosque, and reciting the quran together. And also for each single fruitful discussion that we always made while we were walking together to and from the mosque. Those I believe have developed strong bounding among our hearts.

Oh Ramadlan kareem, I do not know how to draw what I was feeling. The feeling that I have never found in other months. Indeed, you are very special. I do hope I will see you again next year. Oh Idul Fitri, you have taught me what brotherhood, friendship, and togetherness is.

And it is Monday (12/08/2013), the time when I should come back to normal life through day by day. Other days of hard works. Other days of training on patience, perseverance, dedication, and commitment practices. Other days of answering the big questions of my research. Other days of finding the answer of What Life is ?

Welcome back my PhD Life !


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