My First Idul Fitri 1434 H in Nottingham

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Walillahil hamdu….

It was Thursday (08/08/2013). It was a so special day, the day when we, all moslems around the world, celebrated what we call it Idul Fitri. The day after a full of blessing month, Ramadlan. The day, when we should be very happy. Because, God had forgiven all of our sins. This year is my first time to celebrate the Idul Fitri Eve in overseas, in the country where moeslims are minority, without family by my side. It must be so sad without them, but I have always reason to be happy and not to cry.

I felt so lucky, although we are minority,  in this country (the United Kingdom) we can practice our religious believe and celebrate our religious eve freely without any fear.  Even, they support us with excellent facilities confirming that the freedom of believing is guaranteed in this country. And it is my story of my first Idul Fitri Eve in Nottingham.

At 07.00 am,  I walked to Jubilee campus, the University of Nottingham,  for Idul Fitri prayer  along with my country mates i.e. Pak Sukirno, Pak Abdurrahman, and Arif. The idul fitri prayer was held in Sport Centre Building, in Jubilee campus. We have been provided with big enough prayer rooms by the university, but since not only students took part on the prayer, a much more spacious place was needed.  The sport centre building was the choice.


*) We were walking to Sport Centre, In Jubilee Campus, The University of Nottingham


*) We were taking our picture in front of Jubilee Campus Entrance Gate.

There were hundreds moeslims from different nationalities living nearby The University of Nottingham flocking to the Sport Centre. It is always a great pleasure and ultimate happiness to get together with our brothers and sisters in Islam. We have different skin colour, different culture, and speak different language. But, we share the same believing that is Islam.

After the Idul fitri prayer, the Khotib (the one who diliver speech) in his speech questioning us what our contribution as Moeslim to this country (the UK), who have provide excellent support to the growth of Islam in this country? He reminded us that as a Moslim we must  take a part and contribute to develop better world, better civilization in this global community.

After the speech we said hello and “Happy Eidl Fitri Mubarrak” to each other. We Shook hand with the others while requesting for forgiveness to each other. Indeed, what a beautiful moment isn’t it?

*) With Malaysian student (Hozni) and Mas Udin

*) Muslim Brothers and Sisters from all around the world


*) Taking picture with the Khotib


*) With Indonesian Mates


*) With my Chinese Mate who asked me to take picture with me 😀


*) With my Javanese (Jombang) Mate 😀

From the sport centre, We (I, Arif, Pak Sukirno, and Pak Rahman)  Went to LiDL ( a super market) for shopping some cakes, then we caught Indigo Bus to Beeston from Jubilee Campus. We had Indonesian gathering at Mbak Dewi house to celebrate Idul Fitri. Non-Muslims Indonesians happily also joined us in this gathering.

*) Indonesian mates

Thankfully, we had a bunch of Indonesian foods there. We had rendang, opor ayam, gudeg, and the other Indonesian cuisines that really made me feel at home. I always feel gratitude to have many very nice Indonesian mates here. With them, I feel that I have new families here in Nottingham. With them, I never feel lonely. With whom, I share my problems with.

*) Pak Hadi Susanto, the a lecturer at Mathematical Sciences Department, The University of Nottingham from Lumajang, East Java, Indonesia.

From mbak Dewi house, we walked to go home. We visited Pak Sukirno/Rahman house and we had casual but interesting discussion about leadership and character based education.  We had that discussion until 09.00 PM. After that, we moved to Arif house to watch movie 5 CM together before finally we went to our own home for a tight sleep and we had a normal day by over night.

Happy Idul Fitri, Every one !


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