Ramadlan Kareem : Breaking Fasting Together Again With Indonesian Fellows


It was Saturday (24/07/2013). It was another fasting day in Ramadlan 2013 and it was the second weekend in this fasting month. Finally, I was back to  to my own campus, my lovely campus, the University of Nottingham,  after two subsequent week spending campus life at the University of Lougborough and University of Cambridge for summer school.

I woke up quite late in order to take a bed rest after tiring 5-days summer school at University of Cambridge. I went to Cambridge at 06.09 in the morning and went back to Nottingham at 07.00 PM. It was two and half  trip by train from Nottingham to Cambridge. Actually, I could stay at Cambridge, but I should pay at least £50 per night, where, i just spent £12 for the train return ticket and luckily, the summer school organizer would refund the transport cost until £60.

After making Duhur prayer Jamaah in the Portland Building, in the University Park. I went to Computer Room, in George Green Library. I was lucky, the university provided 24/7 open computer room in the University. I met Mas Walid working on his master dissertation. I spent the time in the library until 08.30 PM. Afterward, I together with Mas Walid went to Mbak Shanti/Pak Irwan house for breaking the fast together.

This Saturday, they invited us, the Indonesian students including their family studying in the University of Nottingham as well as Indonesian expat working nearby Nottingham  to break fasting together. Not only Muslim, all other non-muslim Indonesians were invited. Some Malaysian students went to join us as well. So, approximately 40 people came to the house.

I felt so lucky and blessed having many Indonesian friends in this University. The reason I should not feel lonely here. For me, they are my new family member in this University to whom I could share together. With whom I felt stronger and better. I knew in some other cities and countries, we could feel very lonely and minority because there were few only Indonesian there.

Indeed, being together with Indonesian fellows is one of the happiest moments living in abroad. Thanks God for giving them.


Since the house is quite small, the gentleman get together in the backyard of the house while the ladies staying in the house. While waiting the Adzan Maghrib calling, Pak Hadi Santoso, the only lecturer from Indonesia, in Mathematical Sciences, University of Nottingham gave us a small talk about the lesson learnt from fasting ramadlan based on some verses from Alquran.  Here is the cut video:

We broke the fasting, prayed Maghrib, and ate together in the backyard. Thanks God, we had a bunch of dazzling West Sumatera Foods. We had rendang, dendeng, Grilled chicken, cracker and many other Padang cuisine. Unfortunately, the weather was quite bad. It was so windy that canceled our plan to make Taraweh Prayer together at the back yard. Thus, we should run to Portland building for the Taraweh.

Thanks God, for the day.


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