simply an ordinary day with a little bit change in the summer

It was Tuesday(02/07.2013). It was cloudy and little shower day in the summer. I had thought that during summer session, the sun will shine all the day in the UK. The fact was totally wrong. Probably, only once a week we had a real summer day.

It was simply an ordinary day. I went to the lab in the morning and went home at night. However, since the vacation days, in this summer I break. I have made change my PhD life pattern. Previously, I stayed all the day in Jubilee campus. During this vacation period, I moved to University Park after 06.00 PM and stayed in Geroge Green library afterward. The reason was I had no friend during Ashar and Maghrib prayer in Jubilee campus prayer room. Luckily, we had some in the University Park Campus. I wanted to keep “istikomah” to be constant in making Jamaah Prayer for five times.


Nothing to confess for today except that I had been working with Hyflex and  reading paper discussing on hyper-heuristic implementation to examination timetabling problem.  By the way, I got a “Muffin” cake from my Saudi Arabian female friend. Thanks Han**n for the cake.

I felt less-productive and need to work and study harder and harder. To be honest, I felt embarrassing with my office mate, a Chinese girl who are very-very hardworking such as typical Chinese student. I had only two years left, I should run faster to gain my passion. Thanks ya Allah, help me to reach it. I felt lonely as usual, but gradually I found the beauty of being lonely. It is not always painful, apparently. It is a perfect time to do something that needs nothing but myself and its self.


  1. Ternyata bener apa kata pak yai Anwar Zaid, kalau apapun yg ada di dunia ini tidak pasti. Hanya kehidupan akherat yang benar2 jelas kepastiannya. Sama kayak dugaan sampean bahwa summer bakalan panas melulu, ternyata ya begitulah hahaha..


  2. Halo cak Shon,

    Wingi aku buka2 website ITS, kangen karo kampus. Tiba’e sampeyan iki dosen SI to… Oalaahhh…. pantes sangar pol-polan 😀

    O iya, koyone koq aktivitas sekolah nang nggon sampeyan mboseni yo? Ben dino rutinitas nang lab/perpus. Ato iki ancen wayah libur musim panas yo, dadi gak ono kegiatan kelas…


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