Cloudy Sunday and my First Appearance in Mass Magazine


It was Sunday (09/06/13). It was very typical Sunday morning in Nottingham, so very-very quite and peaceful morning. I bet almost every people spent their long Saturday night for a big party and drink. When, I was on my way back from Portland building for Subuh Prayer at around 4 am, I met some drunken girls and guys. I also saw two guys kissed each other in front of their house. It looked weird, but in the UK same sex relationship was not taboo thing. Although, the same sex marriage was still controversial issue in the UK, but the real same-sex relationship was very common in the UK. In every city, we could find easily gay community. Even, in the university, we had Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sex, and Tran-sexual community that their right was protected by Law. The majority of people start sleeping in the Sunday morning.

I washed my dirty clothes in the kitchen while cooking “Ote-Ote”. The food that I had been very long time not to make it. I used to cook it  at the beginning of my stay at Nottingham. It was so time-consuming food. I was so regretful, I wasted a lot of my time for the food. I just finished preparing my food at around 10.45 am before I went to the lab at 11.15 am.

In the lab, I was working on making revision on my first year report. I got a minor feedback from my second supervisor. In the lab, I met one of my lab mates, a Lebanese guy, with whom  I discussed about Syiah, Syrian, and Islamic word current issues. Sometime, I thought that Islam, my religion, is so problematic and sometimes I bet that the root  problems was not in the religion its self, but the political and economical interest in the name of religion. Thus, it was very urgent to spread peaceful Islam in the world instead of conservative and dogmatic Islam.

When I was working on on my report, one of my friend in Indonesia mentioned me in Twitter, informing me that my article was published in Aula Magazine. Aula Magazine was mass magazine sold for the public. It was monthly magazine published regularly for decades by Nahdlatul Ulama, the biggest Muslim Mass Organisation in Indonesia, even in the World. I was a little bit happy, although it was not surprised. I did not send my article in purpose but the editor of the magazine ask me permission to publish one of my articles from my blog in the Magazine. The editor thought that, I could be an inspiring representation of Santri (traditional islamic boarding school student) who were successfully embraced in European Country for Good. It was the first time, my article was published in Mass Magazine. It really encouraged me to keep learning on writing and despite the quality of my article, it is hoped that my article could inspire much more people for good.

I stayed at Lab until 09.30 PM when the maghrib prayer was calling. I made Jamaah for Maghrib prayer in Amenities building before leaving for my home. Thanks God for the day. I love you as always. I did hope that I am one of your blessing and successful devoters. Ammiiin… Ya Rabb!!


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