my past research work: from just ‘over hour’ work


It was Thursday (06/06/2013). It was only the other ordinary day in Summer. Nothing special. I came to the Lab. as usual. In the morning, I attended two seminars organized by the Automated Scheduling and Optimization Problems (ASAP) group, the research group where I was currently working.

The first seminar was delivered by Gurhan Kurcuk, a researcher from Yeditepe University, Turkey. It reminded me the subject of Microprocessor taught by Pak Mudzofar at SMK Telkom Darul Ulum Jombang, my senior high school teacher. It was still the same, I still did not understand. It was too technical thing that made me not easy to understand.


The second seminar was delivered by my research group mate, Arturo, a guy from Mexico. He delivered a computational study on workforce scheduling and routing problems. Since we had similar topic, it was quite easy to  understand.


By the way today I got an Invitation letter for IEEE International Seminar held on 3-5 July 2013 In Taichung city, Taiwan. But, only my partner Bu Wiwik will go to the seminar. I felt so blessing with this work. It start from one hour work before the deadline, three years ago. I tried to submit a research abstract for National Research Grant competition organized Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with Higher learning institutions. Luckily, we got the grant for three consecutive years with amount of grant approximately 100.000.000 rupiah annually.  Again, it just got 15.000.000 grant for attending the conference. It was a full of blessing, isn’t it?

The idea of research was quite simple, to develop an intelligent system for cattle diseases diagnosis. I had been helped by two students i.e. Vian and Nila in the first year, in which finally they became a couple (husband and wife) ; and by Wahyu and Fauqi in the second year. There must be other students working on it in the third year, but I was not pretty sure.

Thanks God, for today.

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